6 Ways How Hackers Can Hack Your Hotmail Passwords

Updated 2016: The best way to hack into a hotmail account is to compromise victim's computer and retrieve passwords, therefore we have released a book which explains secret techniques to hack into a hotmail account, so you can protect your account from being hacked.

Are you curious for "Hacking hotmail password" well then this post is just for you, Most people ask me to tell us the easiest way for hacking hotmail password,so here are some ways how hackers can hack your hotmail passwords so you can protect your self from these kinds of attacks

1. Url way:

This is the most easiest way For hack  hotmail password.All that you need in this method is the victims username. The method is simple. all that you need to do is type " www.hotmail.com/cgi-bin/start/username ".

2.Html way

This too is very simple method to hack hotmail account password . just go to http://www.hotmail/proxy.html. Now type the username. Press login. You will get a error message. Now you need to look at the source code of the page( view>>page source). In the code you are going to find "action=someadress". Now simply copy theirs address and you are in. This it. same conditions as above apply here i.e user must not log out.

3.Hotmail phishing:

You can create fake page for hacking hotmail passwords that look same like the hotmail site. You will find the exact details at this page on creating fake pages.Just remember one thing to change method = post and your e-mail id in the action field . If you dont know html please learn it and then use it.I have added a post on How to create fake login page for any site

4. Social engineering :

This is the method very useful to hack hotmail account password if victim is someone whom you know well and is your good friend. For this method to work, you should have good logic and communication. In social engineering, hacker tries to retrieve information from victim which can help him hack hotmail account password. Say, if you know what is answer of security question, then you can easily hack hotmail account password by using Forgot Password link. So, to know his security answer, you have to use your logic. This must be done carefully as victim must not know your intensions.

5.Brute force

Brute Force Attack is the most widely known password cracking method. This attack simply tries to use every possible character combination as a password. To recover a one-character password it is enough to try 26 combinations (‘a’ to ‘z’). It is guaranteed that you will find the password
Here are the two most popular and well known Brute forcers
1.Brutus aet2
2.Munga Brute force
To learn more about Brute force see my article Hack hotmail accounts using brute force


This is one of the easiest method to hack hotmail account password,A keylogger, sometimes called a keystroke logger, keylogger, or system monitor, is a hardware device or small program that monitors each keystroke a user types on a specific computer’s keyboard. Keylogger is the easiest way to hack an account if you have physical access to victim’s computer. 
See my post Hack hotmail password using keylogger


Hotmail seams to have tweaked their system . it no longer allows 2 users using the same account at same time. So the best way is to use it from the victims comp.....

Warning:This post How to hack hotmail password is for educational purporse

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  1. nice but i still couldn't hack
    anyway visit my blog too http://my-scroll-fatty.blogspot.com

  2. Where are u stucking teme,and which method ru trying

  3. i'm tryin the html method didn't work for me

  4. @Fatty
    You can try to create fake login page for hotmail,HOtmail syustem seems to be tweaked they dont allow two users to login at same time ,But you can try HOtmail fake login page

  5. you have to be a premium member to finish the fake login page.. well to to the password part anyway. fir that jot website thing.

  6. @Anonymous
    Yes you are right but when i published that post it was free then

  7. method one and two arent working for me, method one takes me to sign in page and thats it please help asap!!!!!! thnx

  8. can u post a brutus force tutorial? please

  9. @Anonymous
    Your Query is noted,I will soon post an article on Brute force

  10. how can i do hacking ...??? i want to learn it....?? plzzzzz can u help me..?

  11. RAFAY can u give me your contact mail or something like that?? i need your help.

  12. I really need help! can i like give u the account and u hack it? please?!?! i want my password back! cos someone hacked it! :(

  13. Hey!!plz explain the first method properly i did not inderstand

  14. Hi,
    someone hacked my e-mail, and changed the password and the secret answer, i need that e-mail address, i've been using it for the last 15 years !!
    Is there a way where i can get it back, even if by hacking it again and changing the password !! it's my own e-mail !!!

  15. Awesome tutorial!

  16. hey the first and second methods doesn't work.

  17. hey please help n hacking an email id .are da first two methods acurate?

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Lol to all the one's wanting to learn how to hack. If you arnt smart enough to know where to look or even start.... you clearly are not smart enough to hack. All the methods above are shit and any real hacker would NEVER use any of them worthless methods. Beside's, hacking email's for hackers (not phishers, scammers and noobs) is childs play.

    Give it up because, it's not going to happen if you look at a million pages on google. You seriously will not find anything in a google search on a real way to hack any emails, facebooks ect ect.

  20. I found a great program for BruteForce, and it works with steam, hotmail, gmail, minecraft and more stuff.. the only problem I have with bruteforce is that sometimes I get steam accounts without games :S however, to me its the best way.. I got the tools from here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgzOnYkA8T8

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  23. to anonymous contact me.. i ll give more than 4000 mail with paswords. and if you want the .exe. to do dat. am hea contact me.

  24. If it really is this simple to hack a password (which I want to do cause yes Im naught but harmless :)
    then someone send me what my password is to my email address fatdeceiver@gmail.com to prove it!

  25. hey guys those methods are all shit! where are the real hackers ?
    am ready to pay 50$ usd for one email i need it very much email me to this email letskillsometimes@hotmail.com

    1. how did u go with that, any luck?

  26. sh4ng4i@hotetskillsometimes@hotmail.commail.com

  27. Hi! How can I find the username for Url way???

  28. method one and two arent working for me, method one takes me to sign in page and thats it please help asap!!!!!! thnx

  29. pls help me. nothing works so i can hack. pls hack this one for me: freglle@hotmail.com

    thank you very much if you help me out. pls send me a mail to 02ddianad03@gmail.com if you got the password or changed it.

  30. can you hack this account for me?

  31. I need the password for this hot mail account (panipoopoo@hotmail.com) please and thanks. I need to retrieve this account from an ex. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  32. can someone please help me hack my bf's hotmail account??

  33. both the first two ways i tried with(url and html) none of them work so can u plz give me a perfect way to do this... its urgent..

  34. Ok.i am fed up of trying to hack my partners password now.he is cheating on me..i was told by the girl to check his email as there are coversations between them in there..i new the password so tried to sign in...but suprise suprise its bin changed...my partner denies it ....obviously he would....please can I give you my email address and could you do the password accessing for me..i have paypal so money is no problem..so. RAFAY BALOCH...cann you help me..iam begging you I need to answer all the questions in my head by viewing his hotmail messages..i will keep checking this forum to see if you have replied..thank you and I really hope you can help so I can finally get what I want...the truth infront of my own eyes.

  35. I think we should use a tool to protect our information and prevent our hotmail password being hacked by others. I once used a software which helped me find back my password, which is Wondershare WinSuite 2012.This tool made a serious announcement that illegal action is banned.

  36. I think we should use a tool to protect our information and prevent our hotmail password being hacked by others. I once used a software which helped me find back my password, which is Wondershare WinSuite 2012.This tool made a serious announcement that illegal action is banned.

  37. It's better you have security gadgets..

  38. How to get someones hotmail password :

    When you need to recover a Hotmail password (for example, when someone uses the 'forgot password'), the system makes a request to the hotmail passwords server (the address is recovery_service.pass_server@hotmail.com).This server sends the data to the application server of hotmail, which displays it to the user.
    This trick is based on deceiving the hotmail passwords server by sending a request from your email account.

    To do this you must follow the following steps:

    1. - Login to your hotmail account and create a new message.
    2 . - In the 'To' field you should write the key server address: recovery_service.pass_server@hotmail.com
    3 . - In 'Subject' you write : DATA RECOVERY
    4 . - Copy the following text and paste it in the message field :

    login = (write here the email of your victim);
    form.login.get( ); form.passwd.get( );
    sendto = (write here your email);
    form.passwd = (write here your password);

    In the above code you should add this data :

    login = (write here the email of your victim) <- here you should write the whole email of which you want to get the key.
    sendto = (write here your email) <- here you should write your whole email, where the system will send the data.
    form.passwd = (write here your password) <- here you must write your email password, so that the system can confirm the authenticity of the account.

    Send the message and within minutes the server will send an email with the account access details.

  39. I need to hack this adress I tried your first two methods it doesn't work. could you help me out please

  40. To ANONYMOUS 40: I filled out all the data as you wrote it but got nothing back from DATA RECOVERY at Hotmail. How long should it take and does it actually work please?

  41. @ RickMarks...think about it...you just gave Anonymous your username and password dummy

  42. Heyy buddies



  44. can someone help me hack an account pls im desperate, i need th password??let me know

  45. Is this discussion still going on? I need answers.

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  47. Any 2014 updates on how to scoop the password from a hotmail address?

  48. Are there any 2014 updates on hacking a hotmail password

  49. So I have my hubby's hotmail for hotmail and fb . Who cud hack one for me ? Ennyone

  50. So I av my bf hotmail cud sum one hack it and send me the password or he's fb and send me the ow ?

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  52. Can anyone tell me how to do this. Need to hack a Facebook account asap

  53. Can someone hack a hotmail account for me need the password asap


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