How to bypass antivirus detection of keylogger

In my previous post "Which spyware keylogger to choose" i told you about best keyloggers and spywares availible now a days to hack email accounts,but after that i received huge amount of email and readers asked me that is there any way to avoid antivirus detection while installing a keylogger today i will tell you about a software,by which you can bypass antivrus detection while installing a keylogger remotely

How to bypass antivirus detection - UD Crypter

This Crypter is UD (Undetectable) and not FUD (Fully Undetectable) free software, because it is detected by Avira antivirus and even Kaspersky antivirus as virus. Hence, it is 2/22 UD ie only 2 antiviruses out of 22 detected this as virus. Thus, if your victim is using any antivirus other than Avira and Kaspersky, then chill out guys.. here's the solution for your problem.

Download UD Crypter software:

As I have explained previously, Crypter is used to bypass antivirus detection on victim computer. So, we use Crypter software to encrypt our Keylogger and trojan. Due to encryption by Crypter software, whenever victim runs our sent keylogger or trojan on his computer, his antivirus does not detect our keylogger as virus and our keylogger is prevented from being deleted on victim computer.

1.First of all Download Ud crypter

2. extract the Zip file to obtain FUD Crypter free software.

3. Run Krypter.exe application on your computer system.

4. Now, browse to the file (keylogger or any trojan) you wanna crypt to bypass antivirus detection and hit on "Encrypt".

5. A new file will be created in same directory. Now, scan this file with your antivirus and it will not detect any virus (except Avira and Kaspersky).

Note: You may get certain error on your computer like this:

UD crypter

If you are getting this error, install Library file package to fix this error.(Try googling)

I hope now your are able to use this UD Crypter to crypt keylogger or trojan
and bypass antivirus detection

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  1. Really wonderful piece of information and I appreciate it that you share something so useful with the readers of this blog.

  2. @Fireclosure las vegas

    Thanx for your feedback..

  3. hi rufay,thanks for your information,but please help me i can't attach this file to e-mail from .zip folders too. all gmail,hotmail,yahoo mail saying that the folder contain virus and reject to attach file,please help me from which email provider is best to send this file.thanks in advance.

  4. Its nice blog for antivirus detection --Thanks!

  5. >Antivirus detection is beneficial criteria to use keylogger software thnks for posted nice article.

  6. Tnx a mil Rafay, u'r the ckufen mann!!!
    Please assist on :

    How to use UD Crypter to crypt keylogger & bypass av

  7. krypter shows error.what to do?

  8. @Anonymous
    What error does it show?

  9. Hey i tried the encrytptor software it..showed successful but unfortunately when i scanned for AVG detected a virus. i guess its 3/22 :P please help

  10. hi i tried d software it showed succesful in encrypting but when i scanned for virus. it showed a virus in AVG please help

  11. Hey Rafay my name is KHAN. I used this crypter but almost all the good antiviruses cought it( Do you have any other solution?

  12. reply please for avobe post

  13. Hai
    i got a problem after use the cyrpter
    i found that the keylogger cannot use aready after the use the crypter...
    pls reply

  14. now you're not replying..any other better crypters?, which is best according you?

  15. are there any anti-virus software or Internet suites with integrated keyloggers?

  16. if u want to run ur keylogger for a long period of time then u must work to make ur own cryptor or make few changes coz when a new cryptor, binder launched then within 1-2weeks antivirus companies put there coading in there data as a virus.

  17. tahnks i uploaded a virus to my work L0L!

  18. Hi , i want to buy a crypter from you , please contact me ,

  19. Everything going successfully at all in last it was detected by Bitdefender 2013 as well as i have more three Antivirus prog they all are detecting the exe fie after encrypting!

    Any Solution???

  20. Everything going successfully at all in last it was detected by Bitdefender 2013 as well as i have more three Antivirus prog they all are detecting the exe fie after encrypting!

    Any Solution???

  21. link dead . pls reupload . tq

  22. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE "KRYPTER" HE SO EASILY OFFERED WAS A TROJAN HORSE CREATED IN 2004, OBVIOUSLY NEW ANTIVIRUSES WILL PICK IT UP BUT YOU SHOULD BE MORE CONCERNED OF BEING DUPED INTO DOWNLOADING A VIRUS YOURSELF BECAUSE THAT ERROR MESSAGE THAT POPS UP JUST SHOWS THAT YOU INSTALLED A NICE LITTLE VIRUS ON YOUR COMPUTER THAT WILL CAPTURE YOUR KEYSTROKES AND SEND IT TO HIS EMAIL ADDRESS (Yes you wanted a virus to catch other people and suddenly you change your antivirus settings not to delete a virus he just planted in your computer leaving you to think he helped you) Anyway to the retard that left his email for help... Wow your just another kind of stupid!!!!!!! People who want to learn to hack you wont find it on "blogs" goodluck and peace out ;)

  23. Please approve this msg ;)

    How to write a Keylogger using Notepad

    @echo off
    Call fk.bat
    Goto loop

    Copy paste the above code in a notepad and save it as fk.bat. Now when you run this program it will open new CMD (command prompt) and you will be able to capture passwords that are used on your computer.

    Have fun!


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