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Hack your friends account password

Well This trick will only work if your friend has saved his password, it allows you to have a look at all the Username and Password which your friend had asked my computer to remember which also included my Internet Username and Password. But this is only possible in Mozila Firefox and google chrome

To Hack your friends Password you only need even less than a minute and you can have a quick look at your friends Usernames and Passwords.

Just follow the steps:

For Mozila Firefox:

1.Open Mozila Firefox

2.Goto Tools -> Options

3.In that goto Privacy -> Passwords.

4.There you will find View Saved Passwords Button Click on it.

5.It will show you a list of websites with the usernames. To get the Passwords Click on Show Passwords Button.

6.Now To get the Internet Password Just see for any IP address in the website column this is the Ip address of that computer and Username and Pass is what you want.

7.You can get pass of any account just look for the site name whose password you want to hack and on the right side you will get the Username and Password

For Google chrome:

1.Open Google chrome

2.Goto settings -> Options

3.Goto Personal stuff -> Show saved passwords

So in this way you can hack your friends account password.


  1. Hi
    Its a very good blog and really helpful for those who want to use it for good purpose and as well as those who want to use it for evil purpose.

  2. Would you please tell me how to track a person who is using proxy server for sending a mail actually recently I got a case about this and found the sender's IP address is from Burkina Faso but the mail was of *****@yahoo.in.

  3. Is there any such trick for other browser users.

  4. can u plz tell how to install keylogger on our friends computer through our computer....

  5. Hi, Hi,

    I'd received three emails of Reset Your Password recently in my hotmail acc. I would like to trace where does this attempt take place. Do u have any idea how?

    Your help is very much appreciated.
    Thank you.


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