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Skip orkut capacha while posting links

Most people complain me about the capacha which appears while we post a link.
Well how many times we have been annoyed for sending a few links to our friends and have faced the problem of filling up captcha again and again. but not any more now we can send links without any captcha filling on orkut ...

Captcha filling is employed by websites to stop spam, but with this hack spammers will be having a fun day at orkut.

Well i will show you two methods to skip orkut capacha while posting links

Method 1

1. http://www.orkut.com/ClickTracker.aspx?url=//////www.yourlink.com
2. Edit the 'your link' in the link with the one you want to send and paste them in your scraps.
3. Do NOT remove the six slashes before www.yourlink.com
4. Enjoy Sending the links without filling the word verification

Note: 'http://' wont work, 'www' works flawlessly.

Method 2
This is the most effective way of Skiping Capthca while posting links. This is a Greasemonkey Script. The most attracting feature is that the links you posted will be clickable. First Get FIREFOX web browser. Install Greasemonkey addon Install This Script. 

It will Add A box while replying in Forums. Post the link in the upper box and click. Then copy the de-captchaphied link in the reply box. Enjoy the script and get rid from Captcha while posting links

So in this way you can skip orkut capacha while posting links


  1. there's one more way
    you can write [red] before and after every dot and you'll be able to view the link as it is in the scrapbook

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. is there any universal way to skip captcha... i mean what about with other sites


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