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Free anonymous web surfing proxy

I am now going to show you how to use Free anonymous web surfing proxy or proxy servers and explain what actually proxy is .The most people use it already but for the one who want to know what is it and how you use it, here is the proxy tutorial.

1) What is a proxy?
A proxy is an address of a proxy server (look @ kind of proxy's) that is placed between your computer and the internet :

Normal :
Computer --------> Internet

With proxy :
Computer ---------> Proxy server -----------> Internet

The advantage of a proxy is that if you hack the would get your ip address but the address of the proxy server. Same if ur a normal internet user the hacker won't get ur ip but the ip of the proxy server.
You can use it to enter site that you are ip banned on ect....

2) Kind of Proxies:

You have 2 different proxy's (some more but thies are for a normal internet users) :
-1: Private proxies : They are only for you (it's the same like buy your own ip address ) and will cost 15-20$
-2: Public Proxies : They are for everyone but the problem is sometimes you can get fast proxy's and sometimes slow ones. If you have a good site/list with fast proxy's there as good as private proxy's

3) Wheae get your proxy's ?
You have thousends of proxy's and you can find lots of .txt files with 500-50.000 proxy's but like i said some are slow and some are fast i don't know the best but for this tutorial i use this site : Klik
- If you whant fast proxy's (only for the example site) you take proxy's of your country (if you hack you don't have to)
- Take proxy's resently tested

4) Use proxy with IE(Internet Explorer):
-1: Open Internet explorer
-2: Go to tools > Internet Options > Connections
-3: Now you wil see LAN Settings open it
-4: Check Use a Proxy server for lan. Than you will be able to use Adres and Port.
-5: Get a proxy (Read Wear get your proxy's) and fill the adres you don't have to fill it the port.
-6: Hit ok , ok and it's done. You surf now with a proxy !
=> You can use it with other browsers to but you just need fil it in somewear else just look a few/try some minutes and you will find it.

5) How safe is it ?
The use of proxy's is legal and it's a good protection BUT don't think ur full protected/undetected. It's more and more popular and some (protected) site block public proxy's because of the spammers ect...

6) Proxy software
You have lots of software that work with proxies like a Anonymous Surfing, bruteforcer or proxy port scanner.I have even added an link to download 16 various anonymous IP tools to download click here

Now, i hope that this free anonymous web surfing proxy tutorial will help you maintain your online privacy on internet. Keep surfing anonymously...

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  1. how to i make proxy website?
    n how much about the cost?


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