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Flood a website with denial of service attack

What is a Denial Of Service Attack?

A denial of service attack (DOS) is an attack through which a person can render a system unusable or significantly slow down the system for legitimate users by overloading the resources, so that no one can access it.
If an attacker is unable to gain access to a machine, the attacker most probably will just crash the machine to accomplish a denial of service attack,this one of the most used method for website hacking

Types of denial of service attacks

There are several general categories of DoS attacks.Popularly, the attacks are divided into three classes:

bandwidth attacks,
protocol attacks
logic attacks

What is Distributed Denial of Service Attack?

In DDOS attack, The attacker launches the attack using several machines. In this case, an attacker breaks into several machines, or coordinates with several zombies to launch an attack against a target or network at the same time.
This makes it difficult to detect because attacks originate from several IP addresses.If a single IP address is attacking a company, it can block that address at its firewall. If it is 30000 this is extremely difficult.

Damages made By Denial of service attack:

Over past years Denial of service attack has made huge amount of damage,Many of the have been victimed of this attack
Its Real,On February 6th, 2000, Yahoo portal was shut down for 3 hours. Then retailer Buy.com Inc. (BUYX) was hit the next day, hours after going public. By that evening, eBay (EBAY), Amazon.com (AMZN), and CNN (TWX) had gone dark. And in the morning, the mayhem continued with online broker E*Trade (EGRP) and others having traffic to their sites virtually choked off.

This attack also recently hit twitter on 6th August 2009,lot of people had trouble on logging on twitter,It was brought down by denial of service attack,They tired up there server so no one can get on log on it.Websites like facebook,ebay etc have also been victim of this attack.

Now i will show you how you can flood a website with Denial of service attack. For this tutorial we will be using one of the most effective and one of the least known tools called "Low Orbit Ion Cannon", created by Anonymous members from 4chan.org, this program is one of the best for DDoS'ing, and I have successfully used it to DDoS websites. An internet connection as bad as mine (2,500 kb/s) was able to keep a site down for a day with this program running. Remember that this tool will work best with high internet speeds, and try not to go for impossible targets (like Google, Myspace,Yahoo). LOIC is used on a single computer, but with friends it's enough to give sites a great deal of downtime.

Prerequisites: Download LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon). Open up LOIC.
(I am not giving a download link because then i will be accused for exiting hackers,try goggling).

Step 1: Type the target URL in the URL box.

Step 2: Click lock on.

Step 3: Change the threads to 9001 for maximum efficiency.

Step 4: Click the big button "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAR!"

Feel free to tweak around with these settings and play around with the program to get the best performance. Then minimize and go do whatever you need to do, the program will take care of the rest!


  1. http://sourceforge.net/projects/loic/..........Download link

  2. hi thanks rafay, is hotspot shield enough to cover ip when attempting?

  3. can you please suggest some websites where LOIC will work, I don't want to become a hacker I just want to understand how hacks work and where, can u please help, I'll be obliged if u do.
    my email id is

  4. http://sourceforge.net/projects/loic/files/loic/loic-1.0.3/loic-1.0.3-binary.zip/download

  5. Does this work on facebook?

    1. You should have a group of many people and attack facebook.com at the same time using LOIC

  6. Step 1 to 4 can be done in less than 10 lines of Python Code...

  7. hei out of 3 methods of Ddos, whts about , Protocol and Logic methods?
    Where can i learn that?

  8. It always gives an error on each website:

    "no such host is known"

  9. Its Bad but Good for preventing the particular website

  10. Its good But bad The website is most important for business people don't do that its is used for some illegal person and he damage some university website pls

  11. Thank you bro for this tool,i am really delighted to have this opportunity,i beg you guys not to use it for Illegal purpose.Thanks once more and can you teach us about hacking into a computer and getting the passwords.Waiting to hear from you in advance.

  12. Hi :) i've searched all over the internet to find and download LOIC but i only find it with virus . .all kind of viruses . .so i was wondering . . if u have LOIC can u send me a mail with LOIC . .my mail is thedemon297@yahoo.com . .i really need that program i wanna hack a webpage of a friend of mine :) thanks

  13. If you have to ask where to get this program, you are simply not looking in the right places on the net. Be Smart and you will get one not loaded with viruses. Dig around a bit more and you will find the legit version. That I can promise. But if you cant find it, you simply shouldnt be using it. :)


  14. but LOic is not work in website,,how many loic in use to down a website,,,

  15. Loic is not actually a virus but because it is mostly used for malicious purposes it will be detected as a virus by your av because av companies are trying to be helpful to society. what a joke. It is easy to trace where this Ddos is coming from so warning to anyone trying to use this you will be found. you cant use a proxy because then in fact you will be Ddos'ing your proxy.


  16. can you run this with a vpn

  17. Could they arrest you or something similar if you hack a website that has nothing to do with the goverment or banks...?

  18. hey!! can i use it to block my school's site?

  19. How can someone use Ddos to remove individual people from the Internet? If anyone has ideas please email me at sox_rox_95@yahoo.com.

    Ps, I do not open emails on my personal computer so don't think you can keylog me!

  20. If your small company that has a payroll and and is attempting to pay bills and be a productive part of society and is the target of this malicious software attach, how do you stop it and find the idiot that is using this?

  21. plz sir show me how to hack a phone by laptop


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