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Hack hotmail password using a keylogger

In my last article Keylogger to hack passwords i mentioned about aradamax keylogger and its features,today i found another keylogger to hack hotmail passwords.This free keylogger software, too, is currently FUD(Fully undetectble) and used to hack any hotmail password. I will demonstrate how this free keylogger can hack a hotmail password,This keylogger can also be used to hack gmail passowrds,but in this article i will tell you to hack a hotmail password with this keylogger

Hack hotmail password using a keylogger - Method

1.First of all Download free keylogger

2.Now extract all contents in to a folder

3.Run easylogger.exe file and you will see this:

hack hotmail

4..Now, fill in your Gmail username and password in respective fields. Enter the email address where you wanna receive windows live passwords. You can set timer as you wish. This timer controls the time interval between two logs emails. Now, hit on "Build" and you will get server keylogger file named "Your logger.exe" created in current directory.

5.Now to hack a hotmail password you need to make victim install this file 
on his/her computer,you can also bind it with a mp3 file with a binder,to fool your victim.

Note: Use Binder software which is itself a FUD. If you use non-FUD Binder software, then keylogger will get detected as virus after binding. Be careful while choosing Binder

6. When server keylogger file is installed on victim computer, this keylogger will start recording the typed keystrokes on victim computer. These keystrokes will contain windows live password which we wanna hack. Keylogger will then send these recorded keystroke logs to your email address which you have entered in Step 4. 7. Thus, you will receive emails like this:

8. What is unique in this keylogger is that this keylogger
also sends you computer name and IP addressof victim alongwith typed keystrokes. Many times, IP address is required for hacking remote computers. In such cases, Easy keylogger is very useful.

Thus, you can hack a hotmail password using this free keylogger. I have personally tested this free keylogger and found it working 100%

For information on more methods to hack hotmail password,see my article 6 ways on How to hack hotmail account password


  1. thx for the article....i did everything you mentioned above still stuck in two steps it s been a week now that i am moolking for a FUD binder to bind it with an mp3 or jpg file,and tell me about another thing what aout the ports did it require for me to open the ports or he just can send the email reports to my gmail adress...if ir requires to open the ports would you please help to do this explaining to me how does it works
    so to resume i need to know wgether if i could use this method without ports and stuff or not and 2-about a FUD binder with mp3 or jpg a thusand thx for replying me here or in demonworld669@hotmail.com

  2. please by all the gods sake!!!!!i need to know!!!please ,i will be more than thankful for your replys!!!i need your help more than ever!!!
    here or in my e-mail adress which is: demonworld669@hotmail.com
    a deep thx for your precious help!!!!!
    and merry Xmas everybody!!!!

  3. does it havwe to be Gmail?

  4. your keylogger rar file includes stub.exe which was detected by 360 as a trojan

  5. I am not very tech savy hence my query will be very confusing for you. But "your keylogger rar file includes stub.exe which was detected by 360 as a trojan" happened to me also. The logger that has been created is a dos application and when I open it my computer detects an intrusion. Furthermore I cannot attach this logger to an email directly, the error says I cannot attach such a file for my security or the security of others. Please give me the link for a FUD binder that will register as trojans when I download it and will be able to attach the logger to PDF or word files.

  6. @All
    Your antivirus may go off because all keyloggers work on the principle on which trojan works but its harmless to your personal PC

  7. hey...kaspersky detected it as a Trojan-Spy.MSIL.Agent.xh

  8. @Anonymous
    All keyloggers are work on principle of trojan

  9. Hey Rafay,

    Why i need to enter the Password ?

  10. Hi rafay, Why i need enter the password.

  11. @Anonymous
    Can you be more specific with the password?
    I Mean what kind of password you are looking for?

  12. Hi, What is a good binder? Names please :)

  13. hi
    where do i find the your logger.exe file. i am unable to find it . please help

  14. Rafay, it this still working now??

  15. HEy dude! I always read your blog.. Man the crack you posted is removed now ..But I tried to upload it from megupload.. but its giving an error like.. terminate the file .. it can't be opened.it happens for every time when I download such softwares my anti-virus was also deactivated.. ? Can u find m a solution

  16. My hotmail accaunt is blocked,I tryed all, but they said¡ You been try so many times try again in 24 hs¡ What can I do I do not all tha answer ins the questioner,Ishink if I try again they goin to closed definitibily.


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