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Remote password hacking software - winspy

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Winspy keylogger is a Complete Stealth Monitoring Package that can spy on both your Local PC and Remote PC. It includes Remote Install and Realtime Remote PC Viewer. Win Spy Software will capture anything the user sees or types on the keyboard. A special hotkey is used to login and access the program. Users will not be able to terminate or uninstall Win-Spy.
Win-Spy Software operates in stealth mode. It will not appear in Windows Start, System Tray, Desktop, Task Manager or Add/Remove Programs.

Win Spy Features:

1. Monitor Chat Room (dual side) and web activity
2. Remote Monitor any Email
3. Remote Monitor children’s activity on any PC
4. Records any Password (Email, Login, Instant Messenger etc.)
5. Monitor Remote PC Webcam

For more information on this program and download details visit the following link
Win Spy


  1. I installed it but Avira Antivirus detects it.

  2. @Anonymous
    You can use a UD Crypter to hide it from antivirus

  3. How to use a UD Crypter?? please help!

  4. Hi Rafay, like one of many people I am suspecting my lover of an affair. Can you tell me more about winspy? Is it really good? It is for remote monitoring since my lover is currently based in a different location from where i am. Is the description of the program in winspy's website any true? What i am worried is how not to have the program detected by an antivirus. Thanks!

  5. can you tell me a new link to download winspy.or else tell me any other keylogger through which we can send log files to victim via e-mail?please.

  6. Once installed, is there any way to remove it? Let's say perhaps I had seen what I needed to see, and there's no more need for the program. How would I uninstall it? Is there even a way to uninstall it? Thanks.

  7. Hi there, I will pay lots! to have something hacked. If you are interested let me know? Contact me at allforpets@hotmail.ca

  8. To all the people who ask questions about hacking peoples accounts. Educate yourself and do it on your own. The majority of you who asked are kids that should learn basic programming and then read some more about reversed engineering!

  9. any one know a crypter compatible with winspy keylogger!!

  10. Help me koi bhee mjh ko Facebook accounts hack karne ka tareeqa batai ga mra contact no.


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