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Hide your IP address

Your IP is exposed when ever you visit a website,when your Ip gets exposed it becomes easy to trace you and find out your personal information,Hackers can use your Ip to gain access to your personal files and documents and even can get into your paypal,alert etc accounts,Hide the Ip is a Software which masks your IP with one click and you can surf web anonymously,on the other hand Hackers can use this software to hide theiridentity and not get caught,its benificial for all and i recommend that every Pc should have this software installed
Hide the IP to be the best one. It’s ease of usereliabilitywide range of optionsspeed and unmatchable price were on top when compared to that of the remaining IP Hising softwares on the market.

Key Features of Hide the IP:

Hide IP Address »
 Single click to completely hide your Online Identity. Others will see a fake IP address masking your real IP, thus, protecting your privacy.

Select Your Physical IP Location »
You decide which country will be indicated as your origin by simply choosing from a country list. We have hundreds, hourly updated, IP addresses available for use.

Anonymous Web Surfing »
You are protected from hackers who will be tricked by your fake IP instead of your real. They will never be able to find any information about you by tracing the fake IP.
Send Anonymous E-mails » Hide your IP in E-mail headers. Be protected while sending emails from Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail. Upgrading to Platinum Service add-on will protect you in Outlook!

Bypass Website Country Restrictions » 
Surf websites which are restricted for your country. Surf in forums on which you were banned.

Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera.
So what are you waiting for? Download the free trial and test Hide the IP on your computer now! For more information on Hide the IP visit the following link.

Hide the IP



  2. i like this blog very much as if i am newbie on this blog

  3. we hide the IP but i think it is not for longer time.

  4. @Mesh office chairs
    It will work for as long as you keep the software running

  5. What about Comodo Trust Connect?
    i wish i had a full edition of this product!(hide ip)

  6. AMAZING IP HIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks rafay for this article...Is it also possible to hide the MAC address?

  8. love ya babes <3

  9. Hi there!! I need a valid serialnumb for adobe illustrator CS5

  10. vpn use it ;) or hide my ip yes thats the name of the program ;))) InfectedBellows meowing at your security since 2008 :D

  11. what about blackshades..can u give us some thoughts on that?

  12. hey rafay bro .. tracemyip.com and whatismyip.com can detect my real ip even after hiding my ip through this software .. why is it so ?? any suggestions ??

  13. Bharvi: I looked at http://www.tracemyip.com, for the possibility of this site using script or component that executes at the client end. Unfortunately its not downloading anything not even a javascript to the end users computer/browser. These guys might have written extensive server side programs so as to be able to identify ones real IP Address.


  14. Brother, Hide the IP does work but not completely, you may check it yourself (if they haven't updated their software), you'll have your original IP address shown to you. Plus there is a chance that this software uses free proxies, that makes your internet connection very slow.

    I'd recommend to all of you to use HotSpotShield from Anchorfree.com (don't go to hotspot-shield.com)...

    This software won't interfere with your connection speed. That's my BET !!!!!

  15. And Bharvi Brother, Try HotSpotShield with these two sites !!!

    You'll be astonished !

    5 minutes ago I was from America, Now I'm from Germany LOL.

    I use it for personal security from hackers. And its quite strong.

    oh for the record, the only problems are, 1. You'll get 500 internal server error some times (so just refresh the page and you're done)

    2. Brother Rafay's sites are blocked by HotSpotShield (Not Sure What's the reason)

  16. As Bharvi mentioned, I checked several IP Spoofing applications they are useless against tracemyip.com and whatismyip.com but these sites are unable to pass through proxy servers, it seems as if these guys did not break the proxy security yet. I don't want to use proxy for any serious internet activity as the same can be logged by the proxy server itself for later retrieval. Thus these proxys may steal your information without you ever knowing about it.

  17. Man this website rocks.....love it.


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