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Facebook account Hacked! What to Do Now?

It would be a Nightmare for anyone whose Facebook account gets Hacked,He would wonder How to get back his Hacked Facebook account,In this article i will tell you some methods through which you can Regain your Hacked Facebook account,

Steps to take when your Facebook account gets Hacked: 

1.Reset Facebook Password with Secondary email address:
When ever you sign up for a Facebook account,they ask for your Secondary email address,In case if you loose your Password you can reset it with your Secondary email address.

2.Secret Answer:
Yes you can also reset a Facebook password with a Secret Answer which you provided to the Facebook while Signing up For a Facebook account

3.Contacting Facebook:
Lastly if Hacker has changed your Secondary Email address and Secret Question then you have only one way left i.e. Contacting Facebook team for the issue.

 Below i am also writting some ways to Protect your Facebook account from getting Hacked

Protect your Facebook account from getting Hacked:

1.Use Strong Passwords:
In order to keep your Facebook account From Getting Cracked with a Brute force,Dictionary or Rainbow tables you need to keep Strong password usually more than 10 letters or else it will be damn easy for the Hacker to Hack a Facbebook password

2.Use Phishing filter:
Phishing filter is a sheild which protects you from Fake login pages,These fake login pages are made to steal your passwords and Phishing filter will prevent you from logging into these kinds of pages

3.Use a good Antivirus and Antispyware:Yes,this is the most crucial step in all the above mentioned,It is highly recommended that you use a Good antivirus and antispyware program,I would recommend Kaspersky as an antivirus and as an spyware spyware cease and dont forget to update them regularly,Remember one trojan takes it all.

4.Use a Good antilogger:
Antilogger is a program which lets you know if a keylogger is present on your computer,Keylogger is a spyware program which helps you track of what is happening on your Computer.
Learn more about keyloggers

5.Use a Good Firewall:
If you want to prevent a Hacker to enter in your Computer and Hack your Facebook password than you must use a good firewall,I  personally Recommend Zonealaram firewall.Firewall is a Hindrance in Hacking,A hacker may bypass antivirus but its very difficult for a Hacker to bypass a Firewall

Hope Methods will help you to prevent your Facebook account from getting hacked,It is higly recommended that you must follow all the above Methods to ensure maximum security.


  1. How to contact facebook team.....???

    What all information required by them ??

    Explain with full details.

  2. Hi thanks for your comment,Unfortunately the Facebook contact form is not working you can visit their Help center

    And Kindly tell that what kind of help do you acquire?

  3. i cannot get it back with the same procedure.

    Shivlu Jain

  4. Rafay - have been working with a few individuals whose FB accounts were compromised. The bottom line was the password. people use ( password ) for there password. Here's a tip for creating a great password for facebook. Create a memorable nickname for your kids or pets something 8 to 10 characters, then replace certain characters with symbols like *=0 or *=o or $=s or %=s #=h or !=i doing this will aways secure your passwords. Even if they relaize it it would take hours upon hours to crack it. We'll be posting something about it in a post at http://facebookhacks.org

  5. I have a huge problem!My facebook was hacked..and my gmail was hacked too.it don't accepts my secret question [i'm sure that the answer i give is right]I have realy important things in my email!PLEASE help me
    .:sorry for my bad english:.

  6. hi..actualy my acount is hack and that person also change the email i.d ..he/she is using my pics ..wat to do now.. pls help me

  7. hello plzzz my account blocked or freeze from fb or b7y someone so its my golden account can me see again :((((((((((((((

  8. my account is hacked.. my fndz pics on my hacked acount can u give my account back.

  9. hey nice post, wud u like to do post exchange link

  10. Facebook is full of crap these days. My account has been hacked for about three weeks now. The hacker has changed all the log-in info including the default email address in my account. He/She chats to my friends about some inappropriate things. I have been inform by many friends about nasty inbox messages.

    I am a working professional. This issue has caused some unexpected embarrassment to me. I have been writing to FB like million times with all the info needed: log-in ID, password, last time FB when I could access My FB with my log-in info. Including the options to fax/mail my legal identity, asking to to help me get my FB back or help me completely close my account. They don't give a crap. They send out one generic mail to every complain I file saying, "write back if you did not receive any email notifying about the default email address change in your account". And, when you write back, they do not respond.

    I am getting tired of fighting over this. So now, I am just sitting back an enjoying the show with frustration. I had a complete private profile setting. Most ppl under limited profile, and a strong password. I have no clue how it got hacked.

    So yeah, bottom line is , be safe, you never know who is going to get into your account. Based on my online research, there are plenty of ppl with similar problem and FB hasn't given a crap about them. I was loving FB, in terms of staying in touch with family and friends and getting in-touch with long lost friends. But, privacy wise FB sucks. Now, I have decided not to open another account.

    It's sad that FB does nothing to resolve such problems after being report many times.

  11. @Anonymous
    Facebook is the most popular social networking site ranked as #2 according to alexa so it has a been a target of hackers, Orkut was also the target of hackers when it was popular as a result of which they receive lots of request similar to your one, so its really not possible for them to respond to each and every request

  12. what to do my facebook is hacked..and the facebook team is not responding.......pls help send email angel_laurel84@yahoo.com

  13. Help my account was hacked they changed my password so many times that i can not request a new password. I have requested help from the facebook help page and nothen. How long do i have to wait to request a new password? I have already waited 24 hours. What should I do?

  14. Sir/Madam,
    Someone is tying to hack my profile. and he is telling that i have cracked ur passsword. What is password cracking? And how to prevent from it?

  15. how to hack facebook account ..?
    what is name of software of facebook hack..

  16. hi bro some one his hacked my account of Facebook & he his using bad languages n bad status ,please help me what i do now ? i'm waiting for your reply sir :*

  17. hi bro some one his hacked my account of Facebook &he is using illegal languages n bad status etc


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