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Hack a Facebook password with winspy (Video)

I have made a couple of tutorials on winspy , but most of the people which are new to this subject failed to understand it,so therefore i am posting a video which will help you to hack a facebook password with a winspy keylogger.Winspy keylogger is a complete stealth mode spyware keylogger that will record both Local and remote computer.

Steps followed in the video:
First of all download Winspy keylogger software from link given below:

2. After downloading winspy keylogger to hack Facebook account password, run the application. On running, a dialog box will be prompted. Now, create an user-id and password on first run and hit apply password. Remember this password as it is required each time you start Winspy and even while uninstalling.

3. Now, another box will come, explaining you the hot keys(Ctrl + Shift + F12) to start the Winspy keylogger software.
Winspy keylogger to hack gmail account password

4. Now, on pressing hot keys, a login box will come asking userid and password. Enter them and click OK.
Winspy keylogger to hack gmail passwsord

5. Now, Winspy’s main screen will be displayed as shown in image below:

6. Select Remote at top, then Remote install.
7. On doing this, you will get a popup box as shown in image. Now, fill in the following information in this box.
hack gmail password

.user - type in the victim’s name
.file name - Name the file to be sent. Use the name such that victim will love to accept it.
.file icon - keep it the same
.picture - select the picture you want to apply to the keylogger.
In the textfield of “Email keylog to”, enter your email address. Hotmail accounts do not accept keylog files, so use another emailaccount id,my sugession is using a Gmail id
Thats it. This much is enough. If you want, can change other settings also.
8. After you have completed changing settings, click on “Create Remote file”. Now just add your picture to a winrar archive. Now, what you have to do is only send this keylog file to your victim. When victim will open this file, all keystrokes typed by victim will be sent to your email inbox. Thus, you will get all his passwords and thus will be able to hack his email accounts and even Facebook account password.


  1. hey the trial version is over can u give another link??plez

  2. @Anonymous
    Yes the trial version is over because of mass misuse of the product.

  3. please give a new working link

  4. really is this possible to hack in scuh wayy.

  5. i dont get it what is the last step number 8 means? i creat the remote file
    now i am stucked, winrar archive? what is that? and how do we do that? i download it, but i didnt get anything how should we send it!

  6. Thanks a lot for providing such a valuable information.

  7. @Anonymos
    Sorry for the late reply,There are many methods through which you can sent the remote file

    1.You can upload it to webhosting services such as 110mb.com,ripway.com etc and sent the link to the victim
    2.You can sent it via email attachment

    Your welcome

  8. great work man.. can we get a working software to crack gmail passwords..? just curious..

  9. @New Blogger Design Trciks
    There is no software to Hack gmail password Instantly, There are only fool proof methods such as Phishing ,keylogging ,social Engineering etc

  10. Whenever I try to send it hotmail says "To protect your security and the security of others, you can't attach a file with this extension."

  11. @Anonymous
    Add the file to archive and then try to sent it

  12. the win spy software is not available for a trial version ... so is there any other software like this ???

  13. its not available now :s

  14. Got this msg when i tried 2 download win spy... Help!

    Dear Customers.

    I an effort to protect our current and future customers.
    And, prevent win-spy software from being signatured by anti virus and anti spy softwares.

    We are no longer are offering a Trial version.

    These days more and more anti-virus and anti-spy companies dislike spy software and keyloggers.
    They mislead our users that our programs are "trojan", "virus" or "malware", and make our customers confused by warning/removing Win-Spy impolitely. To avoid being "detected" mistakenly we have to frequently update our program.

    Now we decide that we will only deliver our new product to paid customers since this will not only decrease the probability of false classification, but also greatly protect the privacy of our customers from being disclosed by anti-virus programs.

  15. Should we change to DNS lookup or use Relay?

  16. Hey there

    i am haveing some sort problem with my email i guess i mean when ever i try to attach the exe file to hotmail or even in gmail it says that "To protect your security and the security of others, you can't attach a file with this extension."

    even though i tired with zip and it does'nt work help me :(((
    i really need help on this please anyone lemme know....


  17. hey usa_vip@gmail.com,
    u cant send any exe files via mail.for sending exe files u gotta save it in some folder,zip it.later u'll b able to send.

  18. i just created a remote file but when i go to remote PC viewer a massage appear says (No users exist. Users created when remote files created. Use Remote Install to create remote file)however i have got the remote file on my desktop....

  19. if I attach the remote file to an image using CMD, will it start working once they open the image?

  20. Will the person's anti-virus software block the file we are trying to send? And does the file (photo) we send them log all keystrokes from that point when the file is open or does it stop keylogging when they delete or close the file?

  21. Hi

    Installet recent version of Win-spy and got it installed on a remote computer.
    Remote computer do send reports to my Gmail accound but the reports for key-logging just looks like this:

    PC ID: Someones-puter
    Date File Created: 2011-10-20 21:34:32

    Even if I know keys were pressed there are none in the reports?
    How come? What did I do wrong?


  22. nothing pop ups when i press ctrl + shift + f12....what to do now

  23. hey, i tried all the above procedure. but after entering my e-mail i press test e-mail it does noting. plz help what to do?

  24. For all of those who are following the above procedure but winspy is not working for them.

    Kindly download a fresh copy of winspykeylogger from their website mentioned above. The cracks which are available on uploading websites do not work.

  25. hey they ask if u want to eanble ftp what should i do?

  26. hey they ask if u want to enable ftp.what should i do?

  27. i tried lot to hack a account who were hacked me and got my details.if anyone here can hack that account and give me that password.big help..plz.

  28. I tried and it happens btw when i atach the file to email someone the yahoo and gmail hotmail all of these dtect and says tht it cant be atached nw tell what should i do

  29. So i'm new to this whole hacking thing. I am stationed in Japan and my wife is still in the states. She changed her Facebook password and wont tell me it. What is the easiest way to aquire her password for facebook or even her yahoo in which i can reset her password?


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