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How to monitor a Computer - Eurocron spy

Montir a computer
Eurocron spy is one of the best personal monitoring softwares, Even if you dont have much knowledge about computers you can still monitor your Pc with ease. This is truly a 1-minute-set-up software, that records literately every thing typed into your PC.


Eurocron spy can do following things:

Records Everything - WIth Eurocron spy you can record each and every keystroke typed in your computer

Records Chats -  With Eurocron spy you can record Msn,yahoo,Gtalk etc  chats .

Website logs - You can also see what websites were visited not in your presence

and much more

Warning - Monitoring a computer without some one's permission is a crime and rafayhackingarticles is not responsible for what you do with this software

How it works?

First of all download Eurocron spy from the below link:

Then follow the steps mentioned in the video:


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