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Free Anonymous web surfing with Ultrasurf

Anonymous web surfing
If any of you are banned from forums or any other internet group, or wanted to bypass Rapidshare unlimited download or wanted to bypass school firewall to acess sites like Facebook,orkut,myspace etc.In this post i have mentioned about a tool called Ultrasurf to browse the web anonymously.I had preveiously posted on IP Hiding Method for anonymous browsing,.Today i will tell you on how to use Ultrasurf for anonymous web surfing.

Ultrasurf is totally free software used to surf anonymously. It is better than any other anonymous browsing software. Infact, it searches for 3 fast proxy servers, assigns percentage(%) indicating speed of proxy servers and we can choose any of three.

Using ultrasurf for anonymous web surfing:

1.First of all download Ultrasurf
2.Now extract the contents from the file
3.Now log on to www.whatismyipaddress.com  and check your current IP address
4.Run u.exe

You will see a window like this:
Anonymous web surfing

5.Now, you can see three proxy servers with their speed percentages.
6. Just select the proxy server with max speed.
7.And you are Done.

Now just log in to www.whatismyipaddress.com and see your newly changed IP Address.This Method is only for Internet explorer users,I will soon post an article on Anonymous Browsing with firefox and other browsers


  1. my admin does something with it and now ultra doesnt work for any sites, any help?

  2. Nice blog really helpful for those who want to hide their ip address ..I used it and hide my ip address .Then i visited sites like Ip-Details.com to check that whether my network ip address is hid or not .....


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