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Free anonymous web surfing with firefox

Anonymous web surfing
I previously posted on Ultrasurf for anonymous browsing but the problem with ultrasurf was that it only worked with internet explorer.Firefox users Ultrasurf is a useful software to hide your Ip address thus maintaining your online privacy helping in anonymous web surfing.Ultrasurf is used for bypassing firewall/rapidshare etc restrictions.But ultrasurf cannot be used in Firefox hence creating problems for those who want to surf anonymously.Hence for making it compatible with firefox "WJ" addon is used
What is WJ?
WJ is a firefox addon which is used for making ultrasurf compatible with firefox browser.The addon makes it possible to change proxy setting but for this addon to work correctly you should have Ultrasurf installed.With the addon you will get Free anonymous web surfing with firefox.

On installing the addon, its presence is displayed in status bar by "WJ Enabled" or "WJ Disabled".

If you have accidently disabled it, enable it by clicking on it..

How to use WJ for anonymous browsing?

For using WJ for anonymous surfing follow the steps given below:

Step 1:
First of all download WJ addon for firefox.

Step 2:
Now unzip the downloaded file.

Step 3:
Now double click on this file and open it with firefox. It will open with firefox and a dialog box asking about addon installation.

Step 4:
Click Install and addon will be installed.

Step 5:
Restart Firefox to see the addon status in status bar.
Step 6:
Now, start Ultrasurf with addon "WJ enabled".Ultrasurf will provide with 3 proxy servers.

Step 7:
Select any one of them having max speed and now your IP address is changed.

and you are Done! Feel free to ask if you are having any kind of trouble


  1. what about cyberghost?
    another great way to surf anonymously.

  2. @swookiee
    Personally I haven't tried this method.There are lots of methods more easier than this one/


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