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How To Hack Facebook To View Private profile Pictures

A long time back i made a post on How to view private Facebook profile picture but after some time Facebook patched the velnurability and the hack was no longer working.I have just found another hack to view private Facebook profile which i would be sharing in this article.

This hack will add a link above such photos with a link saying “See this Photo in its Album”. Clicking this link will reload the photo, but you’ll be viewing it inside the album that you couldn’t view without this hack.
When you are viewing photos in an album the Greasmonkey script will add  an option "Back to the album" This will remove the photo from the page and load a thumbnail gallery of all photos in the album


1.Greasmonkey addon for firefox
2.Facebook profile viewing script


1.First of all download Greasmonkey addon  and restart firefox
2.Install the Facebook profile viewing script

3.Click install and restart firefox and you are done.

Hope you liked this article! If you have any problem with this hack feel free to comment


  1. how to install the script????

  2. @Anonymous
    Once you click on Install Facebook user script a popup like this will appear.
    Now you just have to click on install and it will automatically install it

  3. where i can see the pic actually

  4. dear i have installed the grease-monkey in my PC and have also installed facebbook profile viewing script.but i don't know what to do next and how can i see the required pics in facebook from a private profile ???? can you please guide/tell me how can i do this ???

  5. @Anonymous
    For locked photos on Facebook you do not have an option such like "View photos in the album".This greasemonkey will add it as you can see in the above picture.So you just need to visit your friends album and click on "View photos in the album" link to see the locked photos

  6. rafay dude I went through all steps and was eager to apply this hack on my targeted moron friends but all effort went in vain. :p Are you sure it still works in Facebook? where am I going wrong because I really could not see any link at top

  7. Thanks for your great post.It worked for me when i was trying the first time.But when i tried it for second time it did not work i.e. the option "See this Photo in its Album" did not came

  8. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    I tested this hack before posting it and it really worked for me.There are couple of things you need to make sure while performing this hack.
    1.Are you using latest version of Mozilla firefox
    2.Are you sure that you restarted the firefox after installing Greasmonkey script or the userscript

    For more information on this script kindly look on
    Facebook script discussion board

  9. @Rohit
    Try reinstalling both scripts

  10. does this only work for viewing pictures or someone elses whole profile ??

  11. I tried it all but it is not working.. maybe it is just a tricks/?

    help me how to hack account

    email me I am willing to pay

  12. how to hack facebook password? pls? T.T

  13. hey can u tell me a way to hack a facebook profile i mean the password

  14. @Paola

    1. How can u hack with DROID maxx did alot of downloads but phone doesnt open file im new to this tks

  15. can someone please help to hack an account contact me at florshua@hotmail.com

  16. is it still effectively now ?

  17. I dont think it works anymore :(

  18. @ALL
    This Hack is not working any more, I am constantly making efforts to find a new working method, Thanks for understanding!

  19. when is a new hack out

  20. I wanna hack an account fo wich i dont knw itz email address,.wt shud i do

  21. give us any new method...please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Patience everyone. Be grateful! Raf gave this to us for free! And he said he's working on a new one. Lets hope he didn't give up...as I too am hoping for a new hack that works to view peoples photos who are not my friends on FB.

  23. It doesn't work anymore. Let's try to find out other way.

  24. Raf can u hack an fb acc and let me know the passwrd? I can pay. Thanks. Mail me - the_deathstriker_7@yahoo.com

  25. DUDE...you call yourself an ethical hacker??? hahahahhaa! Your acts here are totally the opposite. I'd rather be amazed if you admit that you're a black hat than pretending to be good. Dude..know the difference between a black hat and a white hat. Don't put them in vain.

  26. khan asad

  27. hello! I m not crazy but my story is really long. and I really want to stop the relationship with him and I just found out his got wife. Maybe sound silly but I need to get prove for everything....could you help me? to hack his wife facebook password....? her ID is 657671559....I don't know much about PC and all the softwear....I followed all the things you told but still not working... chan.yuki27@yahoo.com.hk. MANY MANY THANKS.

  28. this is not working

  29. thanks rafay baloch its working

  30. But how to viev Twoo private photos ?


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