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Pakistani Hackers VS Indian Hackers Cyber war who wins?

In this current age of Technology wars some battles are not faught by weapons  or Guns but also Through Technology.Since the advent of Information Technology among the masses of South Asia in mid 1990s, the pace of cyber wars between Pakistan and India have also been increased.
Cyberwars between the two countries first started in May 1998, when India conducted its nuclear tests. Soon after India officially announced the test, a group of Pakistan-based hackers called milw0rm broke into the Bhabha Atomic Research Center web site and posted anti-India and anti-nuclear messages.Recently it seems like a Cyber war has been started between Pakistani Hackers and Indian hackers.This all started when IGCOE Hacker from India hacked Punjabi Pakistani Police official website

In Response to it Pakistani Hackers hacked India's following websites:






The suspected group to hack these sites was Pakbugs.Later Indian hackers a group named HMG striked back  and hacked several Pakistani websites including the Popular OGRA
This cyber war is still going resulting in defacement of several Pakistani as well as Indian websites.

Who Wins the battle?

Now you must be curious that who wins the battle Pakistani hackers or Indian Hackers, the answer is no one.Its not a win-lose situation but its a loose -loose situation.Both Pakistani and Indian websites got hacked which means that both the countries suffered loss.This battle may result in loss of innocent people who are not the part of war.

Knowing Hacking does not mean that you should use it negatively or use it to gain access ans stealing other persons personal data.I am my self a Pakistani and well aware of all Hacking techniques but i have never used it negatively and abusively, but i use my Hacking skills for positive purpose e.g recovering lost email accounts or Personal data of others etc i.e helping out other people rather than Hacking email account and Stealing Private data.

How website got hacked?

I have carefully studied some of hacked sites.The method which is used widely is SQL Injection.SQL Injection involves entering SQL code into web forms, eg. login fields, or into the browser address field, to access and manipulate the database behind the site, system or application
When you enter text in the Username and Password fields of a login screen, the data you input is typically inserted into an SQL command.

The other methods which i think which were used are Brute force or Dictionary Attacks.The hackers might have cracked FTP password to gain access to Server.I have written a Detailed Post on Common methods to hack a website.Which will tell you some of popular methods which hackers use to gain access to a website.

Message for both Pakistani and Indian Hackers:

I personally request both of you to stop this cyber war.This cyber war will never end this way and will infect both countries relations..Lets establish a friendly relations and use our skills in a positive manner.

Remember what Quaid - e- Azam said:

"An enemy of today is a Friend of tommorow"

In a major embarrassment for the Central Bureau of Investigation, A group of self-proclaimed paki hackers named "Pakistani cyber army" hacked in Indian CBI website, cbi.nic.in, on Friday night, Dec 3. The netizens who logged on to the official home page of CBI website were redirected to a different page with a warning message. "Indian cyber army should not attack Pakistan websites," the hackers exclaimed that they are from Pakistan cyber army. The warning note also carried the information regarding controls provided by the National Informatics Center, an authority which works computer server across the country.

Message for upcoming Hackers:

My message to upcoming hackers or people who are interested in this field is that there is nothing bad to have the knowledge of hacking or hacking techniques, what’s bad is the usage of such knowledge and skill against our own country, National and international organizations or departments – that may cause damage to our country and its repute in the world. Don’t push your efforts to get famous. The fame will come by the time and later will end you in trouble. 

"Fame is a vapour, popularity an accident riches takes wings one thing endures is Character"

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to propagate the hatred or otherwise feelings for anyone or any cause.

Furthermore, Rafay Hacking Articles is neither responsible for the reported cyber crimes nor it is directly or indirectly involved in them.

Feel Free to express your feeling and thoughts regarding the Cyber war.

Do you support or do not support Pakistan and India Cyber Crime war?


  1. yeah,no way to win in this situation
    please respect each other .
    both got nothing.

    everybody will judge what we have done,
    please use our hack skill for good matter,

    long life hackers!

  2. @Amarjit Singh

    I completly Agree with you

  3. Its of no use in the war.. What will they get in hacking and winning? Just hate from the other opponent.. Those hackers shudnt have used their skills for war.. they r lil mad.. {sry to say.. seriously.. }

  4. “Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.”

  5. I also think rather than having a war like situation it would be better to join the two parties in anycase to battle with other high profiles

  6. Yes sir you are absolutely right. It is only loose and loose condition. Hackers should adopt some standards and they should not harm anyone.

    I totally agree with you.

  7. It is a fact that Indian hackers started this battle. So it is my humble request to Indian hackers that they should try to stop it first and Pakistani hackers should also show gentleman behavior.

    Its just a request.

  8. thats a positive thinking man..........excellent

  9. @Muhammad Ali
    Thanks for your comment.

  10. If one country looses, it doesn't mean the other has won., Both of them equally loose in the war. Both Nation's websites get defaced., But ultimately what is it that you people have achieved? Name? Fame? You cannot even put out your original name.. Then how can you claim of some pride? Be practical people

    Hacking is for a better tomorrow., Not for revenges.

    Keep going real hackers.

  11. @DarkBlade
    I truly agree with you

  12. I am an Indian,do not support cyber war,lets have peace at least in the cyber world.

    India and Pakistan,two nations suffering because of corrupted politicians fighting each other like little children.

  13. @Anonymous
    I am glad that you do not support the cyber war just like me.I am happy that you have a positive thinking.

  14. According to me such Cyber wars are not that much heppening between India & Pak as much as they are shown coz ppplzz are trying to earn throuhg that
    too now. Many Hacking & Security Institutes are
    making it a Big issue for thier Publicity only.

    And yeah its not like this there is no cyber war
    and its very common that cyber war do only effect
    the common pplzz.
    So it should be taken to an end.

  15. Why Cant we go with peace? do we need all this? :(

  16. i m pakistanii n dont not support cyber war + i just wana say as long as we are humans there is no point of fighting!

  17. The Quesiton Is not that Who win Or who loose the biggest question is who is facing problem because of it only the common pplzz which is not good enough for a good hacker. I would Probably appreciate if they start hacking each other only other than hacking innocents and making such public websites there victim.

    BLuff Master Hacker

  18. Completely agree with you rafey......... Its completely a loss loss condition


  20. @SHAZY
    Hey shazy i recommend you to use your knowledge for positive purpose.

    As it is rightly said:
    When negative feelings are suppressed positive feelings become suppressed as well, and love dies

    More ever if you are from Pakistan.You must be aware that FIA is really active now a days if you get caught while doing this you can get your self in a big trouble.Buddy i am a Pakistani too but dont support these kind of wars because these wars always result in destruction to both participants.

  21. They shouldn't do it. The perception has always been negative in India about Pakistan; they underestimated Pakistan, when they detonated nukes in 98, which Pakistan responded simultaneously. So why do they think we be losers in mere Cyber technology? Let's put this aside.

    Mr. Rafay, it is OGRA (the site mentioned by you) not ORGA! Please correct it.

  22. @Anonymous
    I have Corrected it.Thanks for informing it

  23. i am a pakistani and i am against cyber war
    and i want to say Mr. Rafy Baloch nice try by u to stop cyber war against two nations.

  24. http://www.city.edu.pk/detail.php?id=2847
    Check this out

  25. i really appreciated you to wrote this article, only the person like you we can get together. just want to say keep it up & Accept my salaam.

  26. @Webmaster
    Thanks for your appreciation

  27. look i am agree with this article. but hacking is struggle & fun...pak or india need grow white hackers..its knowledge education....!

  28. Jeez, Pakistani Hackers VS Indian Hackers? You Mean Pakistan Didnt Firewalled Their Websites? And If Indian Websites Arent Firewalled.. I Think I Can Hack It lol


  29. the truth is ...hackers lose nothing..it may cost web admins their jobs.... :(

  30. Offcourse Pak Will Win.....!

  31. good counter attack of Pakistan cyber army, Indian people are biased in nature and all the world knows now, he hate Pakistani because they are more talented from indian, avoid this nature increase acceptance and play ur role to become this region more safer for all

  32. do u have hacked any indian website

  33. @bro:hope u liked my above message........bro apart from this..i wd like to discuss one more thing related to this events......the attack which was carried out on America few days back is said to been done by A patriot-hacker called The "Jester", he has used the "XerXeS attack tool" to attack jihadist sites and now turned against Wikileaks on Sunday, making the site unavailable at a critical time.

    Bro could u throw some light upon this Tool.....i think it has been used here to Carry Out DDOS Attack,whats ur opinion Bro!

    Thanks Bro!

  34. Rafay you have made very clear points for the both parties, hope they will understand the things to keep the danger at beneath. Hacking should not be used for crashing, it should be used for saving.

  35. Really Nice Article, You Are Right bro. we need to use our strength in positive way, Experts need to stop their game to play with common man -
    Kailash Songara (CCI CLUB)

  36. @Kalish Songara and Geek blogger
    Thanks for your comments.

  37. Dear Friend Rafay,
    Very Very much love to you for your feelings and I am an Indian I don't like this kind of cyber war as Indians are also strong enough to hack any kind of website but they don't as they don't get support from administration but on the other hand I don't know what happens. I must say this thing should be stopped to bring back our old brotherly like mentality when we both fought for freedom of our India. Just think about that period when Jinnah and Gandhi dedicated themselves for the freedom of all of us.
    Then they did not think for Pak or Ind though later on it came into being due to some internal politics. Whatever it may be this thing must be stopped and we both the countries shout fight for re-union like East and West German.
    This is a prayer and request of an Indian citizen for making ourself strong and cutting national security budget.
    Thanks to all of you,

  38. @love your country: comments like this is the main reason of tension between you and us. Let me remind u some of the facts. Have you ever compared the security budget of India and Pakistan? If yes then y dint u ask ur own country to cut the defense budget? At one end, u r talking about peace and on the other hand u r talking against the integrity and existence of Pakistan. How can u ask from an independent country to lose its personal identification and merges with u? Yes we want peace, but on equal basis. Not on term n conditions. I don’t know what u people think about Gandhi G, but for Us, Mr. Jinnah is our “Father of Nation” and I’ll never allow anybody especially a foreigner to insult him. If you really want peace, try to respect the feelings of the others. U cant maintain the peace by insulting the others. There is only one formula for peace and that is by forgetting the past and without putting the blame on anybody.
    I don’t know what ur intensions are when u post this comment, but frankly I don’t like ur style. “Indians are also strong enough to hack any kind of website……., Jinnah and Gandhi dedicated themselves for the freedom of all of us. Then they did not think for Pak or Ind though later on it came into being due to some internal politics………… , and we both the countries shout fight for re-union like East and West German.………………., making yourself strong and cutting national security budget”. Where is MESSAGE OF PEACE in these words of yours

  39. @ Rafay: agreed !!! there should be a peace process between us n India. but this peace process should be on equal basis not on term and conditions.

  40. A lots of Pak & Indian underground cyber group and their forum has been down !!!!!!!
    Because both govt have taken action against them!!!!!!

    I think this is the right way to stop this war!!!!!!

  41. Dear Brother Waqas Noor,
    I did not want to insult anyone actually I told the fact and whatever it may be if u feel sorrow for this I have nothing to do. And I just wanted to tell if two German can merge why can't we ? I don't want to argue with you as my intention is to reside under the same country name as we were before freedom. You think that we are residing in a single country and then how much powerful we are. we can accumulate our entire property and can build a strong nation. We don't need interference of USA/UK/China and other countries. Our Bangladesh is also good.
    Many of the freedom fighters spent their miserable life in Andaman and Lahore jail. So don't be rigid my brother.
    And about hacking a website I told it as most of the hackers use same trick and exploit the same vulnerabilities and you also know this I believe. I think now you have understood my point.
    If you want to send me your opinion pl mail me in nepu28@yahoo.com . Mind it I am not foe I am a peace loving person. Best of luck.

  42. We Respect Both But small HAckers of india mess it up always !

    cyber war = neutral


  43. Hei checkout the Poll it will reveal everything...ha ha

  44. gr8 dude..
    pakistan zindabad,,
    yar i m in problem plz help by doing contac at yahoo(mrwaleed_ad009@ymail.com)
    raafay bhai ap b oor koi good hacker b .. plz as soon as possible.. m waitng

  45. we muslims cant be frend of hindus

  46. Hacking is a special knowledge!!!!! So use it well in the benefit of mankind......Solve the wholes in the network and websites of both countries and keep a cool situation......
    I'm an Indian and I'm proud of my Pakistani friend Rafay Baloch to take this posetive step unlike the narrow-minded politicians.....
    We should not differentiate ourselves by saying he is a Hindu or he is a Muslim....we all are humans!!!!!Please do not bring communalism in this field atleast.
    If you are so well learned and so much talented use it in a good way by solving each others problems......
    So my advice is.....

  47. Pakistan Will Win!!!!

  48. Haven't u heard that this is a loose loose situation!!!!

  49. Its a shame they got traced. A Nigerian hacker will never get trace that easy

  50. Indian hackers hacked Habib foundation website do something http://huf.org.pk/

  51. yar mai pakistani ho or mai b hacker bnna chahta plz help me and contact with me .pakistani hacker zindabad 03036964167,.and (ranag8566@yahoo.com)

  52. if first he hacked our website then we must hacked otherwise we do do not hacked

  53. pakistani hackes will win inshaallah

  54. i think uploading viruses on bad websites is a good use to prevent people from viewing them


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