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Check Effectiveness of your Antivirus

Have you ever wondered that is your Antivirus working properly? Do you want to ensure that your antivirus works properly? So don't worry we have got a perfect working solution which will make you to Check Effectiveness of your Antivirus.The test for this purpose is called EICAR Test. This test is used by many antivirus developers to find whether there antivirus is working properly or not.Here is a step-by-step procedure to test your antivirus:

1. Open a new text document, Click start menu goto run and type wordpad or notepad

Type there the following code and save it as virustestfile.com


2. Now run Antivirus scan

If your antivirus detects it as a virus then your Antivirus is working properly and If it does not detect it as a virus then your antivirus is not effective and you need to look for alternatives


  1. Thanx for the hack rafey....my antivirus didn't allow me to save the file.......

  2. Man, this is an awesome piece of info. Love you tips. Keep up the good work.

  3. @Kashif Arif
    This means that your Antivirus is working correctly

  4. @Anonymous
    I am glad that you loved it

  5. Im using Kaspersky Internet Security. But the antivirus did not detect the virus. What should i do?

  6. @Fayzan
    Kaspersky is the best Antivirus of all time If it did not work then your Antivirus is not working properly. Kindly make sure that your Antivirus is up to date

  7. im using avg 9.0(free)but this is not detecting this. what should i do?? plz sggest me another antivirus

  8. Waow... it really word... thnxx.


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