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Easy Way To Get your account hacked

Recently I received an email from one of my blog readers he just figured out a method to Hack an Email account the reader was conforming me whether this method would work or not

The Method was as follows:

Step 1
 Log into your Gmail account. (NOTE- Email address must be older than 3 months, Do not try this newly created account because new account is not trusted in the mail server)

Step 2:
Compose a new mail.

Step 3:

In subject box type “PASSWORD RECOVERY IN THE GMAIL OR ORKUT A/C 65SDF36870FGD8>=>/! To /"

Step 4
Write this in message box. (First line)- “Email address you want to hack” (Second line)- “Your Gmail address “ (third line)- “Type Your Gmail account password ” / {simply copy and paste above.}

Step 5

Send this to - password@gmail.com After this process this message will be send to Gmail and Orkut redirecting server and server will mach the email address in the database and server will be confused then server send u a confirmation msg to ur email account and u can reset the password. Within 48 hour you will get his/her password in ur mail inbox.


Open your email client and open a new message.

Remember don't put anything else on the email apart from the following!

1. Enter the username of the person you want to get their password off. theirname@gmail.com
2. Enter your username e.g. yourname@gmail.com
3. Enter your password your password
4. Copy and paste this to the email #hm76gmail77.01.mM01.345 (gmail coding)
4. Send email to pswrdrecovry@gmail.com
5. Sit back and wait while gmail automatic password sender emails you the
other parties password. (due to presence of coding)

If you didnt fall for it then great else boo go start writing snail/postal mail , web is not for you. Remember it's not easy to hack.Never follow any method given online.Also dont give your id to any who claims to give you the method one coz once you give your spam mail box would be always full.
As you can see that the above two methods demand you to give your password, pswrdrecovry@gmail.com
and password@gmail.com are the emails of the hacker in which he will receive your password.

Moral: If you are too greedy you will end up loosing every thing you have, For real Ethical Hacking Methods I recommend you to Purchase a Copy of My book A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking


  1. my id hariomgraphics@gmail.com
    is hacked due to my absent mind and this email
    my id is not accessible.
    help me....
    help me getting it back!

  2. this tutorial is not good.note;the email u r sending ur username and password to is an email of someone else.if u send it to that email ur account will be hacked...dont dare to send something like that to dat email.....


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