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Protect your Computer from ARP poisoning

One of my blog's reader asked a question:

How can I protect my computer from an ARP Poisoning Attack?

For those of you who do not know what an ARP Poisoning Attack is I suggest you reading my article on How to Implement an ARP Poisoning Attack?.
So I tested different software to see which one works the best to protect your computer from an ARP Poisoning attack I came across some excellent softwares but they were not free, so I thought not to share it and searched for a Free Alternative finally I came across a Free Firewall Which helps you successfully block ARP Poisoning attacks, but you have this Feature because it is disabled by default.

First of All Download Commodo Firewall from the link below:
Download Commodo Firewall

Once you have downloaded and Installed it successfully.Click on Firewall at the top bar and then click Advanced button at the left pane. Go to Attack Detection Settings and check “Protect the ARP Cache”.

Hope this method helps you in protecting your self from ARP Poisoning attacks. I have posted more Internet Security articles in my Security tips section under category section. If you have any questions and queries to be answered feel free to ask me.


  1. Commodo is one of the best firewalls.

  2. @Anonymous
    Commodo is a very good firewall but I still prefer Zone Alaram Firewall.


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