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Sniperspy keylogger For Mac OS Launched

Remote password hacking software
Previously I wrote a review on Sniperspy and concluded it as the best Keylogger to Hack Facebook Password or any other email account Password, but unfortunately some of my blog readers use Mac OS and the sniperspy  did not work on Mac OS, but yesterday received the news from Sniperspy Team about Sniperspy keylogger for Mac OS has just launched so I  decided to give it a try and share with you

SniperSpy is the only software that allows you to secretly watch your Macintosh like a television! Login from ANYWHERE using another computer, smartphone or iPad.

After you install this program to the Mac you wish to monitor, it begins silently recording everything they do online. The program then uploads user activities and sends the data to your online account. You login to your account SECURELY to view logs using your own password-protected login.

View the screen LIVE and see everything they do online in real time! Browse the file system, view chats, websites, keystrokes and more, with screenshots. You can also access the LIVE control panel within your secure online account to perform live monitoring functions.


The Sniperspy for Mac OS has Following Features

Keystroke Recordings
The Sniperspy for Mac OS can record all the keystrokes typed on the victims computer. The victim wont even know if Sniperspy is installed in his/her computer

Chat Recordings
The Sniperspy for Mac OS can also track Yahoo, msn, skype etc chats

Live Screen Viewer
Sniperspy is the only software for Mac OS which has a unique feature of Live Screen Viewing, with this feature you can see victims computer just like a Television Screen

and much more

So what are you waiting for, Get your hands on the best Keylogger for Mac OS and Start Monitoring

For Buy Now and Download links kindly visit the link below

Note:Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.


  1. hey bhai jaan ye toh batao ki kisi ke computer par keylogger kaise install karen bhai jaan

  2. Hi,Bro.....i want to share with u a very interesting,rather a sad event,which i witnessed yesterday......bro,just visit the website "www.hungry-hackers.com".......i have even seen ur Blogs posted there(Remote File Inclusion).....but bro,unfortunately since yesterday the site have been Hacked by "islamihackers.com",and whenever u click on any link,their website is being displayed!!!....i just cant believe this,that how one hack the hackers site!!,afterall which methods they have adopted,as the site was not vulnerable to any of the leaned attacks by us till now!!...plz do study it bro!!

  3. @Satyam
    First of all the bro the website is not mine, Next I agree that the website is not hacked with the methods I mentioned, The problem is that "Hungry-Hackers" is using old version of wordpress, Therefore it's wp-config file is set to "777", so the hacker managed to execute his commands to take control of the server

  4. Okayy,thankyou very much bro for this info!!!...that really sounds vigilant!! Bro is this a new technique used by the hackers to inject their malicious script in the server?!!!...if it is bro,then i would request u to throw some light upon this topic for our naive users!!...
    Bro,as me too being a computer engineering student (3rd Year) :),has already preferred our this blog community to most of our college mates,so that they could get an actual awareness about the attacks and strategies,and hence cd prevent themselves in their future IT field!!

    Bro,along with this i was intended to take some humanitarian effort n make my college mates n teachers aware about the latest Pshishing Tech "Tab Napping",which i had already discussed with u,hence have thought to give a presentation on my behalf...Bro If U think its worthy,then could Please send me the TOOLS used to carry out this technique for the demo.....i would be really really very grateful to u !!!

    Bro My mail id is "satyam7maitrai@gmail.com"

    Thanks bro!

  5. @Satyam
    Bro there are lots of methods through which a hacker can inject malicious codes into the server, The article "Remote File inclusion" I wrote on Hungry hackers was regarding the same issue my friend,About Tabnabbing I will make an article very soon , As for now I am really busy with other projects...

  6. ok no problem bro!!...i too can understand the pressure of projects in the semesters:)..so bro u pursuing engineering frm abroad???....
    And Bro i wanted to know that,did anyone needs to master any programming languages.....inorder to understand/carry the hacking attacks into deep!!!....Did u expertised any bro??
    Or is it all 80% about the knowledge of the "Internet Tools",which r developed by hacking communities......as i think it would very difficult for people like us to actually code :)

  7. bro can u give me a list of good books from witch i can learn hacking and tell how to become a certified hacker

  8. hi brother...
    i'm indonesian...
    how to download softwere sniperspy keylogger free...
    please brother....
    sent to my email budirohim@rocketmail.com
    thanks brother..

  9. hey bro i have a pc for work and a mac for a personal computer that my girlfriend uses for school so do i need sniper spy for mac or Pc if i want to remote it on to the mac and monitor it from my work Pc im out of town and i think my girlfriend is messing around on me when i got on business trips so any help would be great please CC your response to Tripod.a1200@gmail.com if you can hook me up with a copy it would be great

  10. HeY! Wonderful blog and great article shared with us. It helped a lot. Thanks for this.

  11. Is there any remote monitoring software available for mac that allows for remote installation? Thank You

  12. Quick question: when it comes to the SniperSpy keylogger function and it records a password as abc{Shift}def1 - how do I figure out what character was typed in for [Shift]? Thanks for the help.

  13. Hi bro this is Chandu I would like to know how to know the password in. Facebook hacking passwords of Facebook

  14. i am running a Mac OS, can i monitor a Window7 PC?

  15. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)


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