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Thank You to my 10,000 RSS Subscribers

Today when I logged into my feedburner account I saw that I have reached an awesome Milestone, We have 10000+ Rss subscribers now.
So I would like extend a great thankyou to my readers, sorry for not writing for a while I was busy in writing a book on Ethical Hacking which I am going launch very soon Inshallah!.
Moreover I am also looking to arrange a contest in the near future, for those who bookmark my posts why not join the 10000+ other Rss subscribers and receive the regular updates of Ethical Hacking and security.
Click the below button to subscribe:
I am also looking forward to change my blog theme and launch a new and more professional theme to give the subscribers and readers an enjoyable surfing experience.
I am glad that Rafay Hacking Articles has became one of very few Ethical Hacking and security sites to have 10000+ subscribers. My next blogs milestone will be to reach 15000+ rss subscribers.


  1. Congrats for your Achievement.

  2. First I congratulate you. You are providing very helpful knowledge to us in our homes.
    Secondly, it is great idea to change theme of your blog as its interface is quite monotonous and a little bit power consuming. Anyhow your all resources are great.

  3. @ALI
    Thanks for your support however you are not the only one who is having Issues with this theme, currently the new theme is under construction.The designer has promised me to complete it with this week.

  4. hye, firstly, ur site a great! honestly, ur site are very different with others hacking sites. why i say that? bcause most other sites is scam, gives us are wrong steps etc. ur site is great and u are legend! i'am one who bookmark ur site. salute and keep it up! *sorry for my broken english. :-D

  5. @Anonymous
    Thanks for your feedback, I would welcome any suggestions to Improve my website.

  6. Nice and Congrats! Hoping for your more progress :) Why don't you create a tips about it?

  7. @Anup @ Hack Tutors
    Thanks buddy.I will surely create Tips on my blog related to Money making


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