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How to trace a sender's information in Gmail?

Now a days email spoofing has been a very common act, there are tons of softwares which can be used for email spoofing. Alot of scammers use mail bombing along with email spoofing, As you know that this blog is for beginners so i will first explain what is mail bombing? and what is email spoofing? and then will explain you How to trace a sender in Gmail!

What is Email Spoofing?

Email spoofing is an act to sent an email from an email which does not belong to you, this is mostly used for scamming people, Hackers use it as a medium for social engineering
For Example If a user gets a phishing scam asking to update his login information, the senders email is something like xyz@hotmail.com, this would make the victim suspicious and he/she will not pay attention to this email but on the other hand if the email is from security@microsoft.com or security@facebook.com the victim would probably feel that the email is from real sender and he/she would give his login details

What is Mail bombing?

A Mail bombing is sending a mass number of emails to a specific person or system.A huge amount of mail may simply fill up the recipient's disk space on the server or, in some cases, may be too much for a server to handle and may cause the server to stop functioning

Combining Mail bombing with Email 

A few days back when I opened my Gmail ID, I noticed that i had received 5000+ emails those all emails looked that they were from different senders as each email's body was same but the email addresses keep changing.

For example: The first email will be 1234@attacker.com the others numbers before @ would change in every email.
I was receiving 100+ emails per second, A normal user would create a spam filter for one of the email 1234@attacker.com but this wont stop the attack as the email 1234@attacker.com is the spoofed email not the real email, so here is how I traced the sender's information in Gmail

Tracing a Senders information in Gmail

You must be curious to know that how I traced senders information in gmail, some of you might ask how to trace sender's information in Hotmail or Yahoo, so I will explain it in upcoming articles in my blog as these are not the part of the article

Here is the step by step method to trace a sender's information in Gmail

1.Open the Email in Gmail you want to trace 

2.Click on More Options and Click on “Show originals

Refer to Image for More details:

3. Now a new Window will pop up like this and there see the highlighted area
Trace a sender in Gmail

 4. Check the first line “hormel.redhat.net” ip=

That’s The Ip of The sender. now to trace the sender using this ip.

5. Open this site www.network-tools.com

Trace a sender in Gmail

Enter the IP address and click on submit

Trace a sender in Gmail

Hope you have liked the article to trace a sender's information in Gmail, If you have any problem or quesion regarding any thing in the article feel free to ask me!


  1. The way you explain such complicated things is brilliant

  2. Above given website networktools.com is not open, give me another website to check sender IP.

  3. @Anonymous
    If the above site is not working for you try http://www.ip2location.com/free.asp

  4. The link www.networktools.com which you have mentioned in ur article is being redirected to some other site..Also the link above http://www.ip2location.com/free.asp isnt good..Pls provide some other link which works perfectly.

  5. Is the ip is the sender's original ip or gmail server's ip??
    can you help me out with understanding this result provided by

  6. nice illustration bro.... Thanks for sharing... :)

  7. thanks admin
    ok i find and select the IP address .. What's Next..How can penetrate the computer by Mitasploit ?

  8. @Khaled
    Thats a long long story,may be in the upcoming posts

  9. @poras
    ya I had some problem with it, Its working fine now have just fixed it

  10. how i crack my xp administrator password i forget my xp admin. password

    reply me my gmail-id----- sushil.jat45@gmail.com

  11. DeaR Rafay,
    Thanks for your efforts but dear if any mail comes from gmail it can't be traced as gmail maintains privacy and it provide its private IP not global IP but yes your article is helpful if it comes from other email service provider.
    Thanking you,
    Sujit Mukherjee

  12. Hi Sir,
    Somebody hacked my Gmail account and sent abusive mails to my friends.
    How can I trace that person who did this, I am sure this must be someone whom I know.

    Help me

  13. Hey Rafay,

    Dude, can you explain how to trace the email sender, if he uses the GMAIL ID, and not any other, as far as i know, the src IP is encrypted in GMAIL header, did u got any way 2 find it..

    please post..>

  14. have lost my gmail account password where i have important files attached can u mail me procedure by which i can get my password

    send me mail on rpcoolrahul1@gmail.com....plzzzz

  15. hi i forgot my gmail id password and sec question can you plz help me to get my password

  16. hi
    i lost my gmail account password and forgot sec question as well.can you plz tell me how i can get my password

    you can email me on paropari@hotmail.com

  17. can u tell me how to hack gmail account... plzzzz hlp me!! mail me in my gmail id dhoomrocks.007.bond@gmail.com

  18. sir i am begginer.....i have done all steps

    Then what next how can i use or see his mail

  19. can u help me...........to get pass of sidhu.zzzbaba@gmail.com
    coz this guy steal my gaming account.........
    if u can eve give me its code i'll dyescrypt it......
    email me at rauniyar_dewesh@yahoo.com

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