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Rafay Hacking Articles Re Designed

Hi Readers I am Very Happy to announce you that finally after huge request of readers and with the grace of Almighty Allah I have successfully changed my blog Theme,The theme is designed by one of the finest designers of karachi Pakistan Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai he has named this theme as "Cracker"
The previous design of this blog was very unprofessional as suggested by many of designers and looked something like this:

As you can see that the design was very unprofessional and due to that I had a high bounce rate and less page loads, As soon as I changed the design the page views turned for 1.5 pages/user to 2.0 pages/ user

Features of the new Theme

1) Eye Catching Header and Highly user friendly Navigation Menu

2) Customized Comment Form and Comment Interface

3) A Flapping Social Bookmarking Widget Below Post body with MBT's copyrighted Icons

4) Bookmark and Share widget Near Navigation Menu

5) Stylized Subscription Form

6) Customized Profile Widget

7) Powerful Header And Navigation

The header was designed by Mustafa and Its designed very professionally, The Navigation menu is user friendly and eye catching

8) Optimized Commenting System

Mustafa was the first person who desgined a hack to style comment form, The new comment form looks awesome and optimized

The whole theme cost me 200$ and I think its worth the price, Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai blogs on Mybloggertricks feel free to express your feeling on this blog, What things did you like? and what things you did not like? what changes can make the theme better?, I want your honest opinions on this theme


  1. Your blog's new theme is much better than the previous design. I've tested it a little. Now it is much easier to search a desired post. Secondly, links at the top of page make your blog more professional and user-friendly. I use firefox as my primary internet browser so your blog is again power consuming for me. Overall your blog is much better.

  2. cool design, keep up the good work

  3. this theme is awesome.. but i think you need to move to WP if you have some cash for domain and theme.. if not then this is the awesome theme i have ever seen, keep it up with this one

  4. @Bani pe net
    I am glad that you liked it

    I had this though for once but its really painful to move from a blogspot blog to wordpress blog, It will consume lot of my time and now a days I have a very busy schedule

  5. hi rafay your new website design is attractive and eye catching.
    but amazingly how .blogspot with this beautiful design.

    Awesome work MUSTAFA,
    Really one of the great template i ever seen....:)
    and congrats to rafay for having a new design...

  7. I use Firefox as your web browser first class for your blog is new energy for me. Throughout her blog is much better.

  8. Nice information its usefulness and significance is overwhelming the way you covered all the basic necessary information is really impressive good work.

  9. Actually the design is simple and beautiful, but is it can be better if there was some Javascript stuff and slideshow.

  10. rafay bhai apki taiff tou hr koi i kar raha hai yahan... no doubt u are owsm.. mujhay bhi bara crezz hai hacking ka, aur ap k articles say mujhay bohat help mili hai

  11. Hello, Rafay Boloch. I want to ask you something. Are you still selling your book called "A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking?" If you do..I wanted to buy one from you. By the way my name is Rocky.

  12. @anonymous:
    bro maybe rafay bo is busy so in his place m giving u the download link of ur desired book. http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com/2010/08/beginners-guide-to-ethical-hacking.html

  13. Hi rafay,

    It's really informative information about face book. Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. it was really useful informational article and we were really admirable to your writing skill while reading it. Thanks for sharing it!


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