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Techlotips My New blog Launched

Hi readers I am very please to announce you that I have just launched my new blog www.techlotips.com, This is the first time that I am blogging on a self hosted wordpress blog, Currently I am working on improving its design and optimizing it for search engines,I am using an Arthemia Premium theme by color labs project on this blog which is highly professional and seo optimized theme,  In this blog I will write on following categories and topics!
1.IPhone Jailbreaking
2.PS Jailbreaking
3.Free Premium Themes 
4.Search engine optimization
5.Getting Traffic to your blog

and much more!

I am looking for some guest posters too, If you have any suggestions regarding my new blog kindly tell me


  1. Keep it up Rafay, May god bless u :)

  2. hey dude.... techotips was the blog which was owned by rajesh choukwale earlier... am i right?????????

  3. @Anonymous
    It was "techotips.blogspot.com" and Its "www.techlotips.com"

  4. whats the difference between this blog and www.techlotips.com???

  5. hi Rafay - I am hoping you might have an answer for this:

    I am a Facebook user. I suspected a 'friend' of mine for hacking my email account. I wasn't sure... and I was on his page and accidentally my cat (this is true!) hit the F12 key and a Developer's Web Tools page popped up and there was all of this activity including my emails verbatim. I was freaked out. I then went to my page to test out the F12 phenomenon and my activity was on there including my password and ID. My question is: has anyone else done this or talked about it? and also: when I was on this 'friend's' page, was it HIS activity or MY activity simply because I was on his page? The reason this is confusing is because on every user's page at the top it says: "Web Developer Tools for _____" and it corresponded with his name. Also- I tested this out on another real friend and her password was on there and she confirmed that it was her password! This is so easily accessible! Do you know anything about this? Thanks for any information you can provide. Lori


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