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What is Social Enginering in the field of Hacking?

Social engineering is defined as the process of obtaining others passwords or personal information by the act of manipulating people rather than by breaking in or using technical cracking techniques. Here I will show you an example on how social engineering works
Example 1

Robert (Hacker) calls Michael and pretends to be a Google employee, Here is the

Robert: Hi Michael I am Robert a Google employee

Michael: OH How are you doing?

Robert: Me fine. I am here to inform you that Google is performing a security update on all Google accounts and we therefore need to install those securities updates on
your account.

Michael: Yes kindly install those security updates.

Robert: Thanks for your interest in our security updates we will require your account
password for installing it.

Michael (Victim) has become a victim of social engineering, he will give out his password thinking that the person whom he was chatting was a Google employee.

Note: The Hacker will create an account similar to


Example 2

You may receive an email from saying that your computer is infected with virus and to eliminate this virus you need to install a tool. The tool will not eliminate virus from your computer but instead it will give access to your computer and all data stored on

Remember: Never give out details, or secure information such as your passwords. Use passwords that aren’t anything to do with your age/DOB/FirstName/Surname etc. All of that can be found too easily.

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  1. Yeah social engineering is certainly a very effective hacking technique....quoting the great Kevin Mitnick..."To what ever extent the companies may feel secure with latest security tools but still the human factor is the weakest vulnerability".....so the only preventive is be cautious while luring details to a stranger

    Thanks for sharing Rafay.... :)

  2. @Satyajit
    Your welcome, Thanks for your comment

  3. Yup, They used to perform this in early phases of hacking for direct information collection of Passive info gathering.

    At old times, when hacking was not much known to normal users, hackers made lot of frauds with the help of social engineering !!!

  4. plz tell me hoe to buy this book without credit card?? i will pay but only cash

  5. @Anonymous
    You can use other methods such as paypal, wiretransfer etc

  6. Rafay i want to purchase ur book but where i purchase it ,so plz help me

  7. @Hybridtech
    Just visit the secured buy now page from the link below:

    Make the payment and you will be redirected to download page, where you can download my book

  8. What's the price of ur book???


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