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How To Create Strong Passwords?

As you know that passwords are the only form of security available now a days, Its really important for one to create a strong passwords,
Keeping a weak passwords can make you vulnerable to attacks such as Brute force, Dictionary attacks, Rainbow Tables etc.
So in this article I will tell you to create a strong password so you can secure your account from getting hacked

What makes a strong password?

A password can be considered strong if it contains following things:
  • It needs to contain special characters such as @#$%^&
  • It must be at least 8 characters long.
  • It must not have any common words such as 123, password, your birth date, your login name and any words that can be found in the dictionary,(This will prevent you from getting hacked by a Dictionary Attack)
  • a variation of capitalization and small letters
Alternatively there is a website named www.strongpasswordgenerator.com which automatically generates a strong password for you, The website allows you to choose a password length and also gives you hints through which you can easily memorize the password

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    1. hello my friend,,i want to ask u about how to secure my facebook acc.from hackerz coz this is a 2nd time my facebook acc.being hack by the indonesian hackerz,,please help me and lot our friend there need ur help,,sorry for my bad english,,

    2. @Anonymous If you want to secure your facebook account, follow these steps:

      - use strong passwords for your facebook
      - never post your personal information
      - always change your password every 1 month


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