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How to trace an email

In my previous post I wrote on How to trace a sender in gmail, however the method was a bit complicated and lots of users were not able to understand, In this article I will tell you to use a great peice of software Email Tracker pro to trace an email, Email tracker pro can trace and track email back to the senders location. Stop SPAM email and phishing email with email tracker pro. The latest version of Email tracker pro is V9, however the program is not free and you will not find many working serials on the web, So I use Email tracker pro v8 for demonstration as I am already placing its crack below:

Trace an Email using emailtrackerpro

Follow the steps below to use Email tracker pro v8 to trace an Email

1.First of all download Email tracker pro v8 and install it on your computer

2. Open Email tracker pro and click on Trace an email

3. Now you need to paste the Email headers in it, For Gmail I have already demonstrated on how to get Gmail headers in my previous post How to trace a sender in Gmail?, but if you want to trace a hotmail, yahoo or any other email and you are not sure how to get email headers kindly google it

4. Once you click on trace button, it will start tracing and will show you the appropriate location of the email sender


  1. And btw can you upload the software to other site, like mediafire or speedyshare, because sharecash sucks.

  2. Thanks for sharing the trick......! Need to checkout the trick afterwards,since now i am commenting through mobile.
    Have a nice day...! :-)

  3. Or a rapidshare file? Please?

  4. @Alesksandar
    Yes I know sharecash sucks, but there is a simple greasmonkey addon in firefox named as "Sharecash bypasser" which can be used to bypass sharecash surveys

  5. @All
    If anyone is having problem downloading the above file, kindly leave your email here and I will send an alternative link to you

  6. Can you pl give me a link to download Sharecash bypasser

  7. chunk856@gmail.com

  8. can u send the link on usmanali_90@hotmail.com

  9. Please Send The Mirror Link To "tyson8king @ gmail.com"
    Because That Addon is Now Not Working, btw 4SHARED is a Better Option Than Rapidshare or any other File Sharing... Because It Doesnt Delete and Remove Content That's Related To Hacking Stuff.

    ~~~~~~~~sPAmMeRs WiLL dIe hARd!!~~~~~~~~

  10. @ALL
    Here is the Alternate link

  11. well u dont have to download any software i have an online method GO the below link and paste ur email heater in there and click on trace email enjoy the location////

  12. very nice trick! haha thanks...hmm is it possible to track an email address, not the email?


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