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How to use smileys in Facebook chat?

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world with an alexa rank of just #2, Recently I have been receiving many emails and I am constantly asked about smileys in Facebook chat, There are lots of smileys in Facebook chat but lots of people dont know about it, You can you smileys in Facebook chat and increase your Chatting experience, Below I am placing 2 charts which will contain smileys in Facebook chat along with their code

Hope you liked the collection of Facebook chat smileys, Feel free to ask by commenting!

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  1. My Facebook got hacked how can I get it back? They changed my E-mail Log-in and password. I know the E-mail they changed it to. How can I get my page back? All I need is the password and I can go in and chang the rest.

  2. they r almost similar wat we use in mobile phones

  3. <(") makes a penguin

  4. it didn't work 4 me

  5. finnally, i've been waiting 4 this 4ever!!! :D


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