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Free Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 License Key (1 Year)

There is no doubt that Kaspersky Internet security is one of the most popular Internet security suites, It is claimed that Kaspersky detects more than 98% of the threats, but due to its high cost it is really difficult for e very one to afford it, Therefore I am posting a method to get Free Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 License Key for one year which is worth almost 60$ per license, So follow the steps to get a Free Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 License key

1. First of all goto the Chinese promotional website here

2. Type your email address in the both boxes

3. Next enter the capacha

4. You will now receive the key on your email address you provided in the second step

5. This key won't work on English version so you need to download a Chinese version of Kaspersky Security 2011, Download  it  from here

6. Once you have downloaded the kaspersky chinese version, open the installer and Click on the button marked with the blue box to proceed with the installation.

7. Enter the license key you receiver earlier in the text box and click on the button marked with blue in the below image.

8. Once the kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Chinese version has been installed, Follow the steps below to change it into the English version
  • Go to Safe Mode in Windows
  • Go to Registry Editor .
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\AVP11\environment.
  • Update the value of SkinSwitchDisabled from 1 to 0.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Run Kaspersky again and press”Shift + F12″ to change the language to English.


  1. i m not able to receive key... on email?? why??

  2. @Hybrid tech and Anshuman Tak
    Thanks for commenting, Keep visiting

    Check your junk/spam folders and see whether the key has been sent there or else repeat the same process and follow the steps carefully

  3. thank you rafael......really appreciate.....

  4. when i finish all taht you say and open kspersky say taht:license erorr

  5. @Bodzie
    Thats because you didn't enter the correct license code, I suggest you to thoroughly check before entering the key

  6. @Sehaj Mathur
    Hey Sehaj thanks for your comment

  7. rafay plz tum meri help kroge ,yar mera blog me bhot sari images hain or ek post me hi bhot image hone se bhotlate khulta hia,to plz tum btayoge..tumne apni post ko one line me kese divide kiya,mtlab ek post sirf ek line ki,or us pr click kro to puri post open hoti hai,plzz mujhe bta dena,

    my email id here--guptasalin@gmail.com

  8. i don`t get any mail :(
    plzz help me rafay

  9. I dont know how I could done wrong. I copy and paste key.work me only in Chinese version, when I switch to english say Erorr license.

  10. @Anonymous
    Make sure that you have entered the caphacha correctly

    Bodzie try requesting another key

  11. hi bro!!!.............u really done a splendid job!! hats off to u bro :)

  12. n bro ,pls do find me a solution to convert a websites into a .jar file,so that it could be used as a bookmark
    thanks !!

  13. Another useful article

  14. Well i Installed, and done all above steps. then i notice that at the bottom of the main Kaspersky windown, it was written 'License: Error, and at the top, it was a big red button saying 'your comp might be at rist, reinstall to fix'. please sir, reply

  15. rafay why i can complete the capacha ? when i click enter something comes out. please help me with this

  16. @Anonymous
    Now check your email(Junk folder too)and see if the chinese website has mailed you the kaspersky key

  17. pls help me... i cant take the key... it say not unavalible on my place..zz

  18. thanks for information bro...what abour sality virus??


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