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Detect FireSheep on your Network with Blacksheep

Recently I wrote about Firesheep a firefox plugin in my post Firesheep makes Facebook Hacking easy which uses a sidejacking or session Hijacking attack to acess a Facebook account on a Wifi network, In this tutorial I will tell about an awesome Firefox addon which can be used to detect firesheep on your network to keep it safe, The addon I am talking about is known as "Blacksheep" its code is almost similar to the one for firesheep but the only difference is that it is used for security purposes

If some one is using Firesheep on your network you can detect it easily with blacksheep, It pops an image like below if some one is using a firesheep on your network

Note:Blacksheep wont protect sidejacking or session hijacking done by firesheep it can just detect if some one is using firesheep on your network

How to install and use blacksheep?

Here is a video which shows how to use Blacksheep to detect firesheep on your network:


  1. Thank For your tips about facebook security.

    very interesting ..

  2. woww very interesting...can you please tell me the purpose of installing wincap when installing firesheep? and can i use these tricks in ubuntu??
    please reply...

  3. @Muralimohan.A.R
    Basically Winpcap is a small program that helps you to capture packets travelling over a network and which tricks in ubuntu?

  4. hello mr. rafay, i really like your attitude of doing those stuff and ive learn different things about hacking but i would like 2 ask why i cant download the fake profile document? there is something appearing like a survey box before i can download it. i tried it 100x already but even i finish the survey, the box is still there

  5. @Jendee
    Thanks for the compliment, May I know, which file are you trying to download, Kindly drop your email and I will send you an alternative download link.

  6. i have been stalked for the last year and need to find out who it is


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