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Hacker arrested for Hacking Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari's website

Three days back the President of Pakistan's website was hacked by a hacker called "Adil" from Pak cyber army which was restored in 2 days according to the officials, I just heard news that the Hacker Adil(Real Name Shahbaz) has been arrested today from Rawalpindi, The court has handed Shahbaz to the FIA crime wing for three days remand, The hacker shahbaz told FIA that he had done it just for fun

The Fia crime wing has also contacted interpole to inquire about Indian Hackers who are responsible for Hacking Pakistani websites

How was the website Hacked?

I am not really sure that what method the hacker used to deface the website but I am pretty confident that the hacker would had used simple SQL Injection to gain access to the control panel, SQL injection can easily avoided by putting some checks in the codes, For more information on what methods do hacker use to Hack a website and Countermeasure, Kindly read my article Common methods to hack a website


  1. hi bro!...bro as u said in the azarask code just change the url to the phishing line.....thn i think this "https://mail.google is the place where i need to replace my link in this code...ryt bro????
    if( HAS_SWITCHED == false ){
    setTitle( "Gmail: Email from Google");
    HAS_SWITCHED = true;

    Bro..how to use his "CSS History Minor"??

    And lastely bro...in which "FORMAT" shall i upload it on the hosting source....it is .js!
    Sorry to give u so much trouble bro,but m really in need to know abt this method bro....for my presentation.....hope u will understand me bro :


  2. How was Adil Caught? I mean hoe they found Adil? Even Script kiddie today knows about proxy and if adil has hidden itself behind a proxy so how did The found Adil?


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