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Happy New Year To RHA Readers

Year 2010 has been a wonderful year here on RHA(Rafay Hacking Articles), We wish you all a very happy 2011 to all of all readers. The Year 2010 has been really amazing in terms of Traffic and Revenue too, We Doubled our Daily Traffic and so as the revenue generated from the blog, I Wrote my first book on Ethical Hacking "A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking" and got Interviewed.

Goals For 2011

I have lots of goals for 2011 and some of them are as Follows:
  • Launch Facebook Hacking Video Series
  • Write an E-Book on Malware and Viruses
  • Launch a Membership Website
  • Take Techlotips.com to the next level
And Much More.

Top Posts of 2010 on RHA

Here are the top posts of RHA in the year 2010:
Right now I am in karachi where I will be celebrating new year, Tell us how will celebrate the new year?


  1. Hi Rafay, happy new year to you too, I will be celebrating the new year with my family here in Islamabad


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  3. Hiya. Ok so my childs father died in a car crash 17 weeks ago me and the family have tried to contact facebook to is remove the account as something pretty horrific and offensive has been wrote on his profile. Now im trying to gain access to his hotmail where his secret question is "grandfathers occupation" and only god knows what he has wrote because he hasnt put a builder which is waht he was. Now my question to you is.. Is it really possible for me to retrieve his hotmail password or not really? Thanks for your help and im sorry to bother you Thanks k x


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