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Surf web anonymously with Real Hide IP

Your IP is exposed when ever you visit a website,when your Ip gets exposed it becomes easy to trace you and find out your personal information, Hackers can use your Ip to gain access to your personal files and documents and even can get into your paypal,alert etc accounts,Real IP hide is a Software which masks your IP with one click and you can surf web anonymously,on the other hand Hackers can use this software to hide their identity and not get caught, its benificial for all and i recommend that every Pc should have this software installed


  • Key Features
  • Easily Conceal Your IP Address
  • Anonymous Web Surfing
  • Advanced Application Support
  • Protect Your Identity and Stop Hackers
  • Un-ban Yourself From Forums, Blogs, Etc...
  • Prevent websites from tracking your online activities
  • Quickly delete all Internet Explorer and FireFox cookies

Download Real Hide IP Full version here


  1. Is this a free version

  2. @Anonymous
    It's a full version for free

  3. is there any way to change mac address?

  4. Good Software..but i use an Ubuntu operating system.Is there any way to hide the IP address in it?

  5. how can i check my BSNL data usage. It show login id and password what i can enter in it

  6. very useful post i really appreciate it|
    Well i think there is a different way to change their MAC address,
    I hope rafay will help you>>>>>

  7. @shaurya
    There are lots of softwares to hide your mac address, One of the popular one is Hide My MAC Address 1 you can get it from the link mentioned below:

    @Irfan Shakeel
    Thanks for your comment Irfan

  8. is this full versionof ip hide,it was nice review of this software,i found it so useful.surf annomously to be secure.thanx for this software.

  9. @Aman
    Aman Thanks for your comment, Kindly have a look at our backlink offer I hope you might be interested in it:

  10. There is no such thing as ip-hide in real world.Which ever source you use to hide the ip,that source copies your ip address and keeps a track of it.They provide that ip to government and law enforcing agencies for help.Watch out!

  11. @Fahad
    No Fahad that's not the case, If it were like that than softwares such as IP hide, real hide IP, TOR would not had existed, I believe that some of open proxies may be Honey pots which are used for monitoring purposes but how can a person behind a TOR network be traced?

  12. Why do I have to give information before I can download this program? It asks for cell phone and name. That's ridiculous.

  13. @Fahad: Yes, IP Hide, UltraSurf or even TOR keeps a track of your real IP. All it does is route your requests through their servers thereby disguising your IP. Hence,if the government wants they can still get your IP. There are ways in which you could hide your tracks and become anonymous but they are not as simple as downloading and installing some software

  14. U people are talking about log files where all the surfing information gets stored. They come with an expiry date and if use proxies well then log files get deleted from the server before any agency can trace them.

    Athang Awasthi

  15. @Athang Awasthi
    Athang lots of Proxy scripts are not well configured and they still show where the traffic is coming and about log files how can you say so surely that they get deleted from the server?

  16. this is a trial version only.says register

  17. A person from Uk Hackd ma account today ... I have the ip address of the hacker but still I can't regain my account ... What should I do ?? My frnd advised me to hack my own account but I dnt understand this whole procedure ...


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