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Hakin9 is an e-magazine which talks about Ethical Hacking and Security issues, I just came across the its website and had a look at some magazines they were awesome, So I though to share it here on RHA, This Months Issue is related to Cybercrime and Cyberwar Predictions for 2011 which contains information related to following issues.

Happy New Year To RHA Readers

Year 2010 has been a wonderful year here on RHA(Rafay Hacking Articles), We wish you all a very happy 2011 to all of all readers. The Year 2010 has been really amazing in terms of Traffic and Revenue too, We Doubled our Daily Traffic and so as the revenue generated from the blog, I Wrote my first book on Ethical Hacking "A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking" and got Interviewed.

Black Hat Hacker’s Tricks To Hack Into Secure Systems

Black hat hacking is the term given to the course of action on protruding into the security system of a computer to get access to the computer network connectivity with out the knowledge of the authentication party. As long as the internet connectivity serves in best message transaction and other such features of information storage, black hat hackers are expected to play their role of hacking the secure private data.

How To Gain Access To Unprotected Webcams Using Google

Recently I wrote on article on How To Spy and Hack a webcam I received a very good response from readers, However in this article I will show you how to use a simple Google Dork to access unprotected webcams online.There are thousands of unprotected webcams available online, Since many Webcams use known protocols to transmit live video streams over the web, it's often very easy to search for publicly accessible webcams

How To Hack Facebook Chat Application

In this post I will tell you how you can hack facebook chat application to run it from any windows, Using this hack you will be able to chat with your freinds on other browser pages, So here is the step by step guide to hack facebook chat application.
 Note:This trick to hack facebook chat application works for firefox browser only

Securing Your Network From Hackers With HoneyPots?

First thing any hacker would do to compromise any network is gathering information passively and seeking vulnerable services as well as ports. And this is where Honeypots play a role of fake vulnerability in network.
Honeypots are fake theoretically, but not practically. They are real vulnerabilities in Network intentionally kept open & designed to gather information about the possible attack / attacker.

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We are happy to announce that we will cover a bit a Hacking and security related news too, So if you get any latest security related news kindly sent it to us via our Contact form, Your Full name will also be published along with your News.

Website Hacking with Dot net nuke exploit

In this tutorial I will tell you how hackers use a simple dot net nuke exploit to hack a website, Now the exploit I am talking about is found in hundreds and hundreds on DNN applications and it allows the hacker to upload an image on your server, This type of attack is also called one way Hacking and at the end of article I have also posted some countermeasures to help you defend your self against these kinds of attack

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Windows and Mac OS

Recover deleted Photos
Have you accidently Deleted Your Photos from your Hard disk?.Do you want to recover them back?.Then you dont need to panic.It is possible to recover Photos even if you have deleted them even if you have deleted them from recycle bin.In this post i you will find information on How to recover Photos from Windows or Mac.Today there exist hundreds of Photo recovery tools i have personally tested over 20 of them some could not recover Photos in their original condition or neither they are capable of recovering deleted photos.

Surf web anonymously with Real Hide IP

Your IP is exposed when ever you visit a website,when your Ip gets exposed it becomes easy to trace you and find out your personal information, Hackers can use your Ip to gain access to your personal files and documents and even can get into your paypal,alert etc accounts,Real IP hide is a Software which masks your IP with one click and you can surf web anonymously,on the other hand Hackers can use this software to hide their identity and not get caught, its benificial for all and i recommend that every Pc should have this software installed

Detect FireSheep on your Network with Blacksheep

Recently I wrote about Firesheep a firefox plugin in my post Firesheep makes Facebook Hacking easy which uses a sidejacking or session Hijacking attack to acess a Facebook account on a Wifi network, In this tutorial I will tell about an awesome Firefox addon which can be used to detect firesheep on your network to keep it safe, The addon I am talking about is known as "Blacksheep" its code is almost similar to the one for firesheep but the only difference is that it is used for security purposes

An overview of Intrusion Detection System

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is used to monitor the entire network, it detects intruders; that is, unexpected, unwanted or unauthorized people or programs on network.
An intrusion detection system has a number of sensors that is used to detect unwanted or unexpected flow of network traffic, the major sensors as follows:

Hacker arrested for Hacking Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari's website

Three days back the President of Pakistan's website was hacked by a hacker called "Adil" from Pak cyber army which was restored in 2 days according to the officials, I just heard news that the Hacker Adil(Real Name Shahbaz) has been arrested today from Rawalpindi, The court has handed Shahbaz to the FIA crime wing for three days remand, The hacker shahbaz told FIA that he had done it just for fun

Pakistani Hackers VS Indian Hackers Cyber war who wins?

In this current age of Technology wars some battles are not faught by weapons  or Guns but also Through Technology.Since the advent of Information Technology among the masses of South Asia in mid 1990s, the pace of cyber wars between Pakistan and India have also been increased.
Cyberwars between the two countries first started in May 1998, when India conducted its nuclear tests. Soon after India officially announced the test, a group of Pakistan-based hackers called milw0rm broke into the Bhabha Atomic Research Center web site and posted anti-India and anti-nuclear messages.Recently it seems like a Cyber war has been started between Pakistani Hackers and Indian hackers.This all started when IGCOE Hacker from India hacked Punjabi Pakistani Police official website

Wordpress Fixes a major security issue by releasing 3.0.2

Wordpress has just released it's newest version 3.0.2 fixing a critical security flaw in wordpress 3.0.1, The new version fixes a Security issue which allowed the author level users to gain further access to the website, Wordpress has not mentioned yet that what type of vulnerability was found, All we know that the blogs with Multiple author are vulnerable to this type of attack, So make sure that you update it as soon as possible

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