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Dictionary Attack Video Tutorial

A Dictionary attack is a password cracking method which is done by trying every single word from a word list. A word list consists of large number dictionary words, Each word is tried against the password database. In the video below I have used a popular Cracking software called Brutus to show a Dictionary attack against my Ftp server. Brutus is a widely known Remote password Cracker it supports many types of attacks but in this video I will demonstrate a FTP attack.


  1. ohh nice one..i like this
    but i use ubuntu os.is there any other softwares like brutus for ubuntu?

  2. Thanks rafay the video is really nice and professional, I want some more videos can you post a video for brute force attack as well?

  3. And a dictionary attack will be useless against most hosts simply because

    1. Most systems put a time delay of a few seconds between consecutive login attempts so it will take forever for ur brute force program to guess the correct password
    2. Most systems will disconnect and even ban you (for a long amount of time) after a certain number of incorrect login attempts

  4. @Muralimohan

    You should just be able to emulate Brutus in a linux environment using WINE (or Play On Linux, a front end of WINE). If not, you may have to use virtual box and a windows OS.
    Having said that, there are probably good alternatives to Brutus out there for ubuntu. Backtrack 4, a distro of linux, has alot of password cracking applications, as well as radio apps (transmissions like bluetooth, wifi, etc) such as bluever, bluesnarfer and wepcrack/aircrack.
    The only downside to Backtrack is most of these applications are run through terminal (the ubuntu version of the command line interface).

  5. i think all anonymous comment was made by you.

  6. Hey, Thanks for the information.... Is John the ripper good alternative for Brutus??..

  7. Anonymous said... 5
    Well I know some of you think that way, but I get 50+ comments daily I don't get time to answer even 30 of them so is it possible that I will comment myself.

    John the ripper is also a password cracking but it is mostly used for cracking windows passwords whereas brutus is used to crack remote passwords

  8. what will will happen if the username and password is a number or is alphanumeric???

  9. @Anoymous
    Then you need to try a brute force attack.

  10. excellent for a beginer

  11. where to download

  12. hey RAFAY...
    nice working man

  13. Rafay can u tell me how to create virus


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