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Facebook Hacking Course - Learn How Hackers Hack Facebook

After the sucess of my book "A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking" I am presenting you my next Product "Facebook Hacking Course", Facebook hacking Course is basically contains series of videos which will tell you exactly how hackers hack facebook accounts, What methods they use and how you can avoid falling for these kinds of attacks, You will watch my computer screen as I show you exactly how it's done, Each video contains a pre made lab so you can practice what you learned

 Facebook Hacking Softwares 

Lots of people are interested in learning how hackers hack facebook passwords and you might have came across lots of options and the first one would probably be a program or software which has an ability to hack Facebook passwords but the truth is that there is no such simple program or software that can do it for you, The reason behind it is that these major companies pay thousands of dollars to protect their users privacy, Do you honestly think this is possible?, Do you think that they don't have any protection and security officials to knock down such softwares, So Stop fooling your self and stop searching about these so called "Facebook Hacking softwares"

Facebook Hacking Services

The second option which people come across is that they go for Facebook Hacking services which promise to hack facebook accounts for you for money but the truth is that no one is going to do it for you, their purpose is just to scam you and take money.

What will be I learning in Facebook Hacking Course?

You will learn:
  • The exact techiniques which hackers use to hack facebook accounts.
  • Security tips to protect your facebook account from getting hacked.
  • Protecting your Privacy
And much more.


By buying this facebookhackingcourse you will get the following bonus:

1.Secret Anonymizing Techniques

This section will contain 2 bonus videos which will tell you the exact methods used by hackers to hide their identity while doing malicious things online

2.Direct Email Access and support

If you get stuck or don't understand any thing presented in the course, I will help you no longer how much time it takes, however this offer is for limited time only

So What are you waiting for go and grab your hands on Facebook hacking course and learn Facebook hacking and security right now.

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  1. Thanks for the great post i have learned a lot of new things from your website and i would like to move your and your user's concern to the new born ethical hacker community [http://www.ehacking.net]
    RHA and EHacking both are good for learner.

  2. this free or buy......???

  3. Hope to see another nice product from you

  4. another cracking post by you Rafay, as i told before i do like all of your posts, written with enthusiasm, some really feel that you love to do what you write, keep it up


  5. really i like your Blog....want to sell this blog ?

  6. I dont know why you always have to post such amazing posts, to be true, I love the way you show us different techniques, although some of them quite hilarious but some are very efficient.

  7. hey
    i want to learn about cookie stealing and session hijacking
    can you please upload some info about them and if possible a tutorial also
    thx in adv….!!!

    1. Wire shark, Google add-on: grease monkey, should get you at a start point :P

  8. @Dathatriya007

    Kindly Refer the following article:

  9. @Faisal
    I am sorry faisal but I am not interested in selling this blog, There is some thing which is more valuable than money i.e Passion.

  10. I am new to hacking and I don't know anything about it. I read most of the things about the facebook hacking you wrote..but somewhere or the other I get stuck. I need just a single password of my cousin...can u please help me with it?? Her FB login ID is nups.soulrider@yahoo.in. And I'll keep checking this page of your blog but you can mail me on bhamini.vispute@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  11. Y[o]Rk M[o]$+w@N+eD®™January 12, 2011 at 10:39 PM

    http://www.facebookhackingcourse.com/ Direct Link 8-)

  12. do this course contain that how to hack facebook without keylogging and phishing?????????

  13. hi,can you post about ways to get hotfile premium accounts or any other ways to bypass hotfile's slow download speed?


  14. hey raf, i wanted to ask you, how can i hack facebook password for free :( CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME IN DETAIL PLEASE I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT
    my id is rania.ahmed456@hotmail.com

  15. hi my name is hassan hi Rafay Baloch i want to learn facebook hacking plz help dis is my email kuukaay114@hotmail.com

  16. Really very nice book, I read this book
    Thanks Rafay Bhai

  17. This script kiddie has got talent...

  18. The Quiter u become the more u able to hear!



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  19. Coool............ ....
    : :

  20. what does this lesson contain it conatins only phishing and keylogger and brutt force or it contain something else that we do not know

  21. what does this cours e contain it contains ovly phishing keyloging and brute force or it conatins something els taht we do not know about facebokk hack

  22. is this reliable?

  23. Hey this is Mars007Mg35 someone try to hack me i no this person can you help me out who he is?

  24. Hey this is Mars some one try to hack my Facebook is there something you can teach me how i no this person and i keep blog him but he keeps hacking me so can you help me friend

  25. I want To Buy This Book...But Don't Know How To Buy..?

  26. Is still applicable, i mean with all the security that Facebook has put into it

  27. thanks i will give it a try..keep it up

  28. Thanx for this awesome post.....


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