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Google Bangladesh Hacked By Tiger Mate

bdnews24.com(Online Newspaper) has reported that Google Bangladesh has been hacked, It was hacked by a hacker named "Tiger Mate", A CTO of a local ISP, has confirmed the the Google Bangladesh was hacked
It's really amazing to see that the hacker managed to penetrate the Google, This hack will surely arise security concerns in bangladesh.
However it seems that some of the visitors see a defaced Google Bangladesh page and to some of the users it appears normal.According to zone-h, The bangladeshian hacker "Tiger Mate" has been very active and has hacked some high profile websites in the past such as bangladesh airtel and local american express website.


  1. Rafay, Actually, TigerMate Didnt Penetrate into Google, but its DNS Server BTCL & Managed to Redirect the Domain http://www.google.com.bd to his Own Page.
    920 Defacements makes him look l33t, but he's Crazily Hacking Websites of his own country. Such people are of no use.

  2. @pc-alert
    Thanks for your comment, I Got your point

  3. i agre!!! if u wna hack y dnt u do it 2 sum1 who deservs it!!! lik dose paypal and master card sites whch stpd suporting wikileaks as dey wer spilling da truth!!!

  4. I think the IT personals of Bangladesh know what is DNS. Some chip student/person try to show how it can be I relay don’t like that if you people can do real then try to make a news. And the google bd or any other international bd domain they try to help us to grow we should not make this kind of news.

  5. I give you a snap shoot for everyone.....


    when google hacked.... I can't use this site, can't access in gmail from my PC.

    Its really very sad.... then quickly I type http://google.com... & ..look its safe. Then I think.. its not a hacking.... he not hacked google server. He only access BTCL DNS / Hosting panel.. & change DNS or redirect domain.

    But I think google need to take some steps.

    He also defaced more than 900+ website.
    Information from: http://www.zone-h.org/archive/notifier=TiGER-M@TE
    This is Tiger M@te Picture:
    (Source: http://forum.linux.org.bd)

    Linux froum already hacked :)


  6. Not enough info :(

  7. Hi, I got to know who is the Person behind that hacking. His name is "Imran" 21 years of age Bangladeshi hacker. He can be found at the popular hacking forum named "www.hackforums.net. His ID in that forum is Imran_xp. Also, If you search him with this email, "localhost_80@hotmail.com" you can find more info about him.

  8. Actually some guyz r really fools here...i mean u r jealous that tiger mate hacked google bangladesh and u cant do it. thatswhy u guyz r making excuses and saying he is crazy. he has full rights to do what he wants... so let him do what he wants...and the guy who said "he must hack those who deserve's to be" than brother no one needs to be hacker :p ... thatswhy i always say "HATERS GONNA HATE,HACKERS GONNA HACK" :D ... and he also hacked into 700,000 Inmotion Hostings Sites... not only 900+ brothers...

  9. can any one give me the zone-h mirrored link ??

  10. I am tiger mate. Be sure you know me. Next attack will soon


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