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Spy On A Remote PC With Spytech Spyagent ( How To Guide)

Are you curious to see what your kids are doing when you are not around?, Do you want to know what your what is doing on her Pc? Are you Employees cheating on you?, Then you need not to worry because Spytech Spyagent is coming for the rescue.
Spytech Spyagent is an award winning spying software that allows you to monitor each and every activity done on a local computer or a remote computer, Spytech Spyagent runs in total stealth mode and once it is installed on victims computer it's almost impossible to detect it's presence

SpyTech SpyAgent Complete Installation Guide

Step 1

First of all Download Spytech Spyagent here, After downloading your copy of SpyAgent navigate to where you downloaded (in this case it is on the Windows desktop). Double click the SpyAgent installer file to start the SpyAgent install.

NOTE: After install is complete you can delete this file!

Step 2

Click through the installer until you come to this screen. This is where you choose the folder location for SpyAgent's install. We recommend you change this from the default (c:\program files\spytech software...) to the path below, or something of your own making. Make sure you remember this path to access the software!

Once you configure the Destination Directory, click the Next button.

Step 3

Click through the installer until you come to this screen. This is where you choose the install type for SpyAgent. If you want SpyAgent to not appear in the start menu and install the bare minimum files then choose the Stealth installation, as shown below. Click Next when you have done so.

Step 4

When you are done configuring the install you will be asked if you want to include an uninstaller. For total stealth choose NO - as shown.

Step 5

After your install completes you will now have to configure and run SpyAgent! Go to the START button on your desktop and click it once to bring up the Start menu. Choose the RUN... option to get the below window. You will have to enter your installation path (this is the same path from the installer that you just entered!) When you have entered it press OK.

Step 6 (optional)
Once you are in the install directory you will see the SpyAgent files below if you have chosen Stealth install. Now, Highlight the sysdiag.exe file as shown below!

Step 7 (optional)
Right click on the sysdiag.exe file and choose RENAME from the menu by clicking on it.

Step 8 (optional)

You will now be able to type a new name in for sysdiag.exe. As you can see below we chose to name it "snmp.exe". Use the below name, or something of your making to conceal SpyAgent's identity.

Step 9

After renaming you can now run SpyAgent by double clicking the file you renamed! You will be prompted to configure your password - do so. Once inside SpyAgent click on the 'GENERAL' button on the right side of the SpyAgent window. The below window will appear - enable the options exactly as you see in the below window.

After you configure the General options you can click the LOGGING tab and configure the logging options as well! When you are done click OK to save your options!

Step 10

Almost done! Now all that is left to do is click the Start Monitoring button that is highlighted below! You will be prompted for your password - enter it, and click OK. You will receive a notification message on how to bring SpyAgent out of stealth mode to later view logs - read this message carefully!

Now SpyAgent is in total stealth. When you restart your PC it will run invisibly as well. To stop stealth mode run the nostealth.exe in the SpyAgent installation directory, or press CONTROL+SHIFT+ALT+M on your keyboard to bring up the password window!

Which One Is Better Sniperspy Or Spytech Spyagent?

Well if you are a regular reader of the blog you might know that I am a big fan of sniperspy keylogger, The reason is because of it's features, One of the most important feature of sniperspy is that you can view your victims computer screen just like a live tv which is not included in Sptech spyagent, Where as spytech spyagent has a support for dual monitor screen logging which sniperspy probably dosen't.

Note:Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.


  1. So here's what I'd like to know... how would you know that someone has software of this type to see what YOU are doing? whats a good way to check?

  2. hey rafay , i need to check that this software is installed on my pc or not , i want to detect it . any way ?

  3. Can it be sent through e-mail to another computer like sniper spy?

  4. @shishimaru
    You will start receiving logs to your email.

    You need to use an antilogger to detect a keylogger's presence

    @Anonymous 3
    Yes it supports remote installation

  5. Rafay please can you tell me how to create a remote install with this program and how to send it pls tell me

  6. Rafay pls tell me how to create a remote iinstall and how to send it

  7. Hi. I am having difficulty installing remotely. Could you please explain this a little further? Thanks

  8. @Anonymous
    What is the problem you are having?

  9. After reading your note at the bottom, I feel obligated to ask. If I DO install this remotely, or another keylogger (I haven't chosen one yet.), what are the risks of me getting caught? Also, how would attach this to, say, a word document?

  10. rafay bro i need help on the remote install feature...

  11. how to create remote file and how to send it

  12. is there anyway to unistall it ? :O

  13. how can i use this program (with sending) to see whats going on in a another pc ?

  14. yes i can install this in my own pc but i wanna know how to send it and how to watch someones else desktop without personal access in it because if it works only my pc(in general) this is useless ??

  15. I have my girlfriend's laptop and I want to install your software. Can she notice the software somehow? How can I purchase the software? Greetings,

  16. Why Would you want to spy your girlfriend?

  17. did anyone ever figure out how to create a remote file and send it to someones email?

  18. if i install this stuff onto a different computer, will i be able to have all the information sent for the installed computer to an email, or be able to see the information for the computer in which the software was installed on a different computer?

  19. Brother Rafay, You probably didn't get ShiShiMaru..

    He wants to know *How he'd know if HE IS the victim*..

    Although the post comments seem quite old lol, but still if he's here, refer him to the Anti-Spy Software.

    I once used Activ Kill-Disk to remove the spy software win-spy from my system (after trying everything for a month of full research).

    Do a fresh windows install from now on (if you're a Big Buck Businessman with confidential financial data records) and install an Anti-Spy software before you get infected. :)

  20. is there a good free keylogging software ?? or can u show us how to get a free spyagent account or a free sniperspy account ?? and thnx !

  21. In order to fully understand: does either program,when installed on MY PC, allow me to monitor another's PC using the same home router as mine with ME UNDETECTED????

  22. Rafay there is no way to remotely deploy this. Only remote word there is remote log.


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