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How to Crack Windows Administrator Passwords

Some times it necessary to know admin passwords in schools ,collages to log in with admin privileges to do various things

There are many way to crack passwords. But in this tutorial I will explain a very basic method using a single tool to crack windows password . This might come handy in places like schools ,collages where you cant use your live Linux cds , usb ..etc because your being watched

Things we need :

1. Pwdump or Fgdump to extract password hashes

In this tutorial I will be using Pwdump

Extracting Password hashes :-

1. Open My computer and go to C:\Windows\system32 . now place the Pwdump file which we download earlier

2. Now open command prompt and navigate to C:\Windows\system32 \Pwdump

Using cd command and click enter

Example :-

Cd C:\Windows\system32 \Pwdump

3. Now you can see a list of Pwdump commands as shown

4. Now enter pwdump - localhost >>“ destination of output file “ (for 32 computers) and pwdump -x localhost >> “destination out put file “(for 64 bit computers )

Example :-

Cd C:\Windows\system32 \Pwdump localhost >> C:\hashes.txt

Cd C:\Windows\system32 \Pwdump -x localhost >> C:\hashes.txt

5. Now open  the Out put  file  you can see the names of the different  users with password hashes Now copy the hashes  corresponding to the admin account

Cracking The Hashes

Considering that we are in school/collage were we cant use tools to crack passwords so as an alternative we are using online password cracking sites

1. Go to online password cracking sites like www.cracker.offensive-security.com , www.onlinehashcrack.com and paste the hash select hash type as LM and click decode

2.By this way we are able to crack windows password using a single tool

Note:- If your not able to crack password hashes online use tools like john the ripper to crack password hashes . You can even copy the hashes and decoded it in your house

About The Author

This article is writen by John Jeffery, He is the owner of Hackholic where he writes security related stuffs, If you are interested in writting a guest post on RHA, Kindly read the guidelines here


  1. ASALM-O-ALAIKUm rafay bhai mujeh kuch pooochna hai>>>>? yeh keh 5th step ke baad yeh hasshes kaha save hote hai.?

  2. Hey rafay, this mtd is awesome..
    and i have a doubt, plz answer my question..
    at your 3-footer tabber you inseted recent posts and comments separately(Headline by feedburner), how to do it?

  3. janab ur goingg gudd i did it its very cool

  4. I felt your info very useful to me ...
    It's a completely a new way to hack password of windows than what i found in other websites..it's kewl

  5. is it possible to crack password for other pc which is not networked?i mean a single home-use pc..

  6. yaar can u explain the 5 step its quite difficult to understand where is the output file and where we find the Hashes

  7. @anonymous 6

    the out put file will be in c:\ with names 'hashes'

  8. Now it's possible to access any pc with password easily. There is a way to this using software or stealer.

  9. Use nt offline password cracker...it is possible to crack 2000/xp/vista/7 passwords using this.

  10. i am having problem when i write in cmd prmpt pwmdump it is not working

  11. bhai i want to ask keh i am having a problem when i try for local host on cmd prompt acces denied likha ata ha

  12. I'm pretty sure you need escalated priveleges anyway to run pwdump, and which college/s are dumb enough to allow base users acess to the local command interpreter / Command Prompt / Terminal? LOL. I assume this is a joke... xD


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