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Top 5 Security Tips To Protect Your Computer From USB Viruses

With increasing anti-virus security in place against email-aware viruses and malware, hackers are turning their attention to less well-defended routes such as USB drives. This is the latest method that’s used by hackers to torment innocent users. However, there are ways you can protect your computer from USB and Pen drive viruses.

1.Block USB Viruses

Invest in an excellent anti-virus program that has built in USB virus scan and remover. These anti-USB virus scan programs not only protect your computer from USB Autorun viruses but can also clean worms, Trojans and viruses in your USB memory sticks.You can try anti-virus programs for USB virus such as USB Virus Scan, USB Drive Antivirus and so on.

2.Disable Your Computer’s Autorun Feature

When you plug in a USB drive stick into your system, the Autorun feature initiates automatically. If your USB contains any virus programs, it’ll use the Autorun feature to infect your computer. To protect your computer, disable the Autorun feature.You can disable the Autorun feature via the Control Panel.
Alternatively, you can use antivirus software to disable and enable the Autorun feature whenever you want. Additionally, these USB blocking softwares allowsystem administrators to specify which removable storage drives users can access.

3.Update Your Device Driver

Keeping your USB device driver updated is a good way to ensure greater stability for your USB drives. While this won’t help eradicate USB viruses, USB device drivers are constantly updated to block viruses and deliver timely warnings. You can update your USB device drive from your Windows Computer Management feature in the Control Panel.

4.Use USB Firewall Software

USB firewalls prevent Windows OS from processing malicious programs when a virus infected portable USB device is opened. USB firewalls monitor only your USB devices, and not your CD and DVD drives. By using USB firewalls, you’ll be enabling a basic level of protection from the autorun.inf viruses that spread from portable USB devices.

5.Always Safely Remove USB Devices

Viruses are sometimes created via damaged documents. If you are transferring a set of files to your USB drive, make sure the transfer is complete before you eject the device. Always use the Safely Remove Hardware feature of Windows OS. This is because partially transferred or damaged files can in turn corrupt other files on your USB drive.

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  1. The best way to get rid of viruses is to use a Linux operating system.

  2. plz recommend some good usb virus scanner along with url. also recomends some usb fire wall.

  3. There is also a Program called Autorun Eater which disable every kind of program from running from your USB. that is also a good way of avoiding this Malware Problem

  4. The best way to protect yourself from USB virus is disabling all autorun options and scan drive with anti-virus before opening it.

  5. Hi Rafay,plz tell me more about USB Firewall Software.

  6. FOR WINDOWS USERS:i think all of u may already know this,
    1.always on "system hidden file", it's right below the "show hidden file's option"
    2.& open any USB mass storage device by "run" command,not by right click open/exploer or double click.
    3.then delete all hidden file that u DON'T KNOW in USB drive...
    4.all your viruses are gone without any antivirus....

  7. Hey guys....!!
    here's tip for..any USB DRIVE having viruses...
    1.open it with aun command only...not by double click or right click open/explore.
    2.make sure that your SYSTEM HIDDEN FILE IS ON,means there is option in folder option to show system hidden files,which is right below the ordinary "show hidden file's option"
    3.ok....then open your USB drive by..run windows & delete all unknown hidden files....

  8. This is certainly very informative and helpful. Thanks.

  9. hey ppl..........thr isn't ny option like 'System Hidden Files' below ordinary 'Show Hidden Files' opt in Win-7

  10. This tips can be of great use especially this time when lots of people are now engaging in bad hacking and some other stuffs, they want to get information from people at all costs. Thanks for sharing this 5 tips.


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