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RHA Blessed With Page-Rank 3.0!!

It hasen't been more than 4 months since I moved rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com to a custom domain(http://rafayhackingarticles.net), Today RHA has been surprisingly blessed with Page-Rank 3.0 and I am very shocked to see it, though when RHA was on a subdomain it had PR 4 but after I redirected all the traffic to the custom domain the pagerank became zero. Luckily not only RHA's homepage but internal pages also managed to get 2-3 page rank.

I would like to thank all my readers for continuous support and especially my buddy Mustafa Ahmedzai from http://mybloggertricks.com for his love and support. I expect RHA to get atleast PR-5 on next update. My other blog on iPhone jailbreaking And Unlocking http://techlotips.com also managed to get PR 1.


  1. @Rafay

    You deserve even more than this pal and it is your consistent hard work that is making you so popular amongst youngster at home and abroad. Well done buddy for all the efforts that you put in gifting us with the best security related tips. More power to you and may you have even more success.


  2. That's great to know..!!
    Keep up the good work!! :)

  3. Congrats bro. Surely, you deserve atleast PR 4. The next update will be more pleasing. Btw, I managed to get PR 2 for both of my blogs. :)

  4. Hey Rafay, congrats for your pr and i thought you would get more.
    Amazingly i managed to get pr2(as my website is only 5 months old) and i wish to get more in next update.

  5. Congrats.

    Please can you help me also. i m very alone. i am running three websites. just visit them and tell how they are


    i m also from Pakistan

  6. @Mustafa
    Thanks bro, Your words mean alot to me...

  7. @M.pinto
    Thanks alot.

    Thanks rajesh, I am very glad to see your comment, Congratulations to you too for getting PR 2, One thing I would like to advice you is that I have seen that you have not used proper redirection for your blog posts, Instead of using blogger redirect, why don't you use a 302 permanent redirect or use the meta redirection script, I bet if you would have used the redirection properly you would have manged to get pr 3 too.

  8. hey rafay help me,plz tell me how to do 302 redirect and meta script adding by comment as i moved from krackoworld.blogspot.com to krackoworld.com and i wanted to redirect properly my posts to new domain

  9. Rafay Congrats Brother. May you get more succes in blogging :)

  10. @Rafay
    how did u removed blogger icon from Bar (see in google chrome above url box)

  11. Nice. I'll be bookmarking your site from now on. It seems you are doing something that Google likes.

  12. WoW ...Good Luck
    Admin OF File-Keeper.com/forum

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  14. Good work.... congrats

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  16. thats good , i have also my site at first pr 4 now then comes to zero and now this time it on pr3 like you , my site http://risepk.com

  17. it is a nice blog sharing nice data

  18. its really one of the best hacking blog i follow

  19. PR3 is good pr and congrats that you able to get this pr for your website

  20. wow on a great blog love hacking


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