Network Security Audit – The Benefits

Network security audit, also known as network security assessment, refers to the process of determining the security shortcomings on your network. The process is critical for a business because sensitive or critical information on a network cannot be adequately protected if you do not know what type of vulnerabilities or security holes exist on the network.

Top 5 Security Tips To Protect Your Computer From USB Viruses

With increasing anti-virus security in place against email-aware viruses and malware, hackers are turning their attention to less well-defended routes such as USB drives. This is the latest method that’s used by hackers to torment innocent users. However, there are ways you can protect your computer from USB and Pen drive viruses.

Stuxnet Worm Installation, Injection, Mitigation And Prevention [Video]

Stuxnet is one of the most popular windows worm, It was discovered back in July 2010 and it has attracted lots of media attention. It was also claimed that Stuxnet worm was originally devloped to target Iranian nuclear plants. Some security experts claim that Stuxnet worm is the most dangerous malware ever created.
While searching on internet related to stuxnet I came across two videos on by Joel langill which probably explains every part of stuxnet, From it's introduction, Installation, and Injection to it's mitigation and prevention.

How To Protect Your Webserver From Getting Hacked?

It has been a while since I haven't posted on RHA, that's because I was extremely busy with my university stuff and had absolutely no time for blogging, However today I finally managed to get some time for posting on RHA, In my previous article related to webserver security section I told you some ways which hackers can use to compromise your webserver, However in this article I will tell you how to protect your webserver from getting hacked or being compromised.

Man In The Middle Attack - SSL Hacking

One of the most successful way of gaining information such as passwords,user ids etc in LAN (local area network) is through man in the middle attacks . I will not be going to deep into Man in the middle attacks, but in simple words it can be explained as attacker or a hacker listening to all the information sent in between the client and the server .To prevent these kind of attacks Email providers started using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) It is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP) with SSL (Secure socket layer )protocol to provide encrypted communication between the client and the server .So when a hacker caries out a Mimt attack the victim is cautioned with a invalid SSL Certificate

How to Crack Windows Administrator Passwords

Some times it necessary to know admin passwords in schools ,collages to log in with admin privileges to do various things

There are many way to crack passwords. But in this tutorial I will explain a very basic method using a single tool to crack windows password . This might come handy in places like schools ,collages where you cant use your live Linux cds , usb ..etc because your being watched

SQL Injection Tutorial With Havij

According to a survey the most common technique of hacking a website is SQL Injection. SQL Injection is a technique in which hacker insert SQL codes into web Forum to get Sensitive information like (User Name , Passwords) to access the site and Deface it. The traditional SQL injection method is quite difficult, but now a days there are many tools available online through which any script kiddie can use SQL Injection to deface a webite, because of these tools websites have became more vulnerable to these types of attacks.

One of the popular tools is Havij, Havij is an advanced SQL injection tool which makes SQL Injection very easy for you, Along with SQL injection it has a built in admin page finder which makes it very effective.

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