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January 2012 Contest Sponsor For RHA - PentestMag

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RHA contest

Due to a tremendous response of readers and huge number of participants of the last contest ElearnSecurity, we decided to setup another contest for RHA readers. We have partnered with pentestmag.com and arranged a contest for our readers, The winners will be handed over with prizes worth up to 1400$.

PenTest Magazine is a weekly downloadable IT security mag, devoted exclusively to penetration testing. It features articles by penetration testing specialists and enthusiasts, experts in vulnerability assessment and management. We cover all aspects of pen testing, from theory to practice, from methodologies and standards to tools and real-life solutions. Each magazine features a cover focus, and articles from our regular contributors, covering IT security news and up-to-date topics.

[1ST PRIZE]1 Year Full Subscription Of Magazines[Worth 180$]

RHA contest

The winner will get full one year access to the amazing pentest magazine. 

[2ND PRIZE]"Analyzing Computer Security" by Charles P. Pfleeger and Shari Lawrence Pfleeger.[Worth 110$]

Analyzing Computer Security is a fresh, modern, and relevant introduction to computer security. Organized around today’s key attacks, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures, it helps you think critically and creatively about computer security–so you can prevent serious problems and mitigate those that still occur.

[3RD PRIZE] 10 Winners For 2 Months Of Subscription [Worth 200$]

5 random winners will get 2 months of access to the magazine.

How To Participate

1. First of all you need to register for a free account onhttp://pentestmag.com/wp-login.php?action=register

2. Next you need to share this contest page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, yahoo groups, facebook groups, like page etc.

3. Lastly you would need to post a comment telling us briefly "Why Do You think, you Should Be Choosen As A Winner?"

How To Win?

[First Prize] The person with the most number of shares and the most impressive answer to the above question will win the first prize of penetration testing pro course.

[Second Prize] The person with the second most number of shares and an impressive answer to the question will win

Note: The answer carries more weight than your shares, which means that if you have the most shares and not a very impressive answer, You may move to the second and third position.

[Third Prize]The third prize will be chosen via a lucky draw,

Here is an example:

Hello my name is "ABC", My email address is abc@gmail.com, I have liked your page and have shared this post on following places:

My Facebook Profile : http://facebook.com/risepk
My FanPage Profile with 1,437 fans : http://facebook.com/risepks
My Google + Profile : http://gplus.to/risepk
My Tumblr BLog : http://risepk.tumblr.com
My Twitter Profile having 557 followers : http://twitter.com/risepk
My Linked in Profile : http://pk.linkedin.com/in/risepk
My Stumble Profile : http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/risepk/all/
My Digg Profile : http://digg.com/faizmuhammadkhan
My Delicious profile : http://www.delicious.com/risepk

I would like to be choosen as a winner because <Your messsage>.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will probably announced in the third week of Feb. We wish you best of luck.


  1. #All the Very best for the Participants

    #P.s : The winners will probably announced in the first week of _january_. We wish you best of luck. : Please Change it Rafay..

  2. Thanks Gazzaly, I am looking forward to see your participation.

  3. Rafay Bro :
    No Bro Now a Days I'm Damn Bz so i'll try if i got time really sorry and thank you so much to encourage my self ...


  4. bro will some body tell!!!! which book is best for studying ethical hacking pls tell friends!!! i am interested to study!!!

  5. I have learned everything by myself till nw.. im interesed in learning new things alot..this nooks will help me in increasing my knowledge which is important for me...

  6. I have tried my best to learn as much as possible as i can i field of hacking.. but i want to increase my knowledge because i love to learn... and this books will help me in acheiving me my goals

  7. exciting contest!! we see forward for this...thankx rafay!! :)

  8. yet another cool contest .. looking forward to it .. :)..

  9. This guy is an expert!!..All the best Dude!!!

  10. hey, can anyone tell me where we have to post our shared page details and answer of questions. Pls tell me

  11. hey can anyone tell where we have to post our shared page details and answer of question. Pls tell me.

  12. Hello, I want win because I am a student and these courses will help me alot. Thanks

  13. Facebook Profile 1
    Facebook Profile 2

    Facebook Page:

    Facebook group
    http://www.facebook.com/groups/wallpapersmajaa/ (411 Members)
    http://www.facebook.com/groups/149458991818727/ (223 Members)
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/180444428636573/ (109 Members)

    G+ Shares
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    Twitter shares
    http://twitter.com/danilion55 (326 followers)


    Created a stack

    Stumble upon


    I am little bit ill that's why i didn't yet shared this post to all of my accounts Once i recovered i will do more shares and bookmarks to strenghten my position in the contest.

  14. Heloo, my name is Kulwinder Singh and my email id is kulwinder13singh@gmail.com. I wanna be winner cause i am an I.T student like web Desining Aand I.T Security and wanna be a Internet Security Expert
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  16. I am goona participate and hope that I will win ..I need this prize very badly .. I won a hacking kit in last competition that helped me a great deal with hacking and stuff ... this one seems more promising ..

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    Some more book marks

  18. Hello, I want to win this contest because I want to learn hacking so badly..I will do shares soon and post it...

  19. Please....Everybody here,Am only window user...And I don't know anything about hacking Please and Please I need someone to teach me.....I need foundation of hacking....And i need practical only,If you are ready to teach me this is my email edward.handsome22@yahoo.com.......Thanks hackers winner

  20. I wan't to win this course because i really want
    to be a hacker! I always belive the next
    generation warfare will be between
    computers and network. We hackers
    will decide and fight. We know Recently
    megauploads.com is taken down by FBI. it's a begging.Eventualy the world's
    network will be under FBI or CIA or any
    other government agencies! We
    shouldn't let then do it. But if we want
    to protest first we should be a hacker.
    We should be the security provider. We should be the network builders. We
    should take down all internet
    destructors ie, from agencies or
    individual crackers! But I lack resources. I need resources
    to become a good a better hacker. I
    want good mentors and good
    resources to learn it in a good and
    better way. Even the internet is plenty
    of resources I need better and best resource available in this planet. So I
    belive this contest can help me and this
    course can surly light the fire! :)
    Thank you!


  21. My Facebook profile:
    My Blog:
    10+ facebook tech Groups:

    My PAGE: The True Science https://www.facebook.com/thetruesciencepage

    Evetnt: I created an even and invited allmost all my friends(1000+!! :)

    And finnally I swear I mailed about 500+ people this link!

  22. http://www.facebook.com/Pakistan.a.craze (1300+ fans)
    http://www.facebook.com/fasi100?ref=tn_tnmn (Profile with 480 Active friends )
    http://fasiweekly.tumblr.com/ (Tumblr)

    Pakistan is far behind in Information Security , I am currently a member of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)
    Lahore Chapter and i want to learn ethical hacking for my country to protect its National Institutions's digital systems ..My ultimate dream in hacking is to become a part of the Hacker's team that is working on bringing down the American drones one day (like the Iranian hackers controlled and brought down spy drones )..and that day would be best day of my life

  23. Some more shares :) [exams :(]








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