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Learn How To Hack With MrCracker InnerCircle

Few weeks ago we announced on our Facebook Page that we are going to partner with mrcracker.com in order to offer an amazing training for you. Mrcracker.com is one of the widely recognized Internet security blogs, offering tons and tons of useful stuff related to Ethical hacking and security. Therefore RHA has partnered with MrCracker.com to offer amazing Ethical Hacker Training! Watch the video for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • There's a LOT of information inside the Academy! Will it cost me thousands to get access to it?
  • You'll be excited to know that EVERYTHING in the MrCracker Inner Circle is available to the general public for just $47 per month. For the cost of a couple nice dinners out, you'll be tapping into the most in-depth and easy-to-use Ethical Hacker training community ever offered. Honestly, it's a no-brainer.
  • Is this one of those membership sites where you guys put some material in it and never update it again?
  • Sorry if you've had that experience before, but that's not the way we roll. When you activate your membership, the MrCracker Inner Circle will have a lot of training and resources ready to roll. Enough to keep you busy for a long time.

    PLUS... we'll keep adding more valuable lessons, strategies, tools, and resources every single month. Sometimes even more frequently than that. Why? Because the security/hacking scene is fast-moving and always changing.
  • We're committed to keeping you "in the know" with the latest and greatest techniques to keep your hacker skills moving in the right direction. And the best way we know how to make that happen for you is to continually give you the most up-to-date training material available anywhere.
  • What if I know I'm going to love it - is there a "Lifetime" membership available so I don't have to worry about monthly dues?
  • Yes. For those who want to guarantee lifetime access to everything in the MrCracker Inner Circle - both now and in the future - a Lifetime Membership is available.

    The cost for the Lifetime Membership is one time payment of $497.
  • If I decide to give it a try, will I be locked into the MrCracker Inner Circle for a long time?
  • The MrCracker Inner Circle is completely month-to-month with no long-term commitments. If you're not happy with what we have to offer, we don't want you spending your hard-earned money on it.
  • What do the hacker training courses consist of?
  • Each courses consist of reading parts, if you don't like to read, there are audio parts, video parts where I show you first hand how to complete the hacker techniques taught and finally a haxercise. Haxercise are practice environments where I allow you to safely and legally practice the hacker techniques taught.


  1. EM very surprised to see two giants partnership.

  2. Wow!! Sounds good i prefer all newbies to sign up for this
    Sure this will help coz RHA personally recommend this


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