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How To Hack A Facebook Status


Many of you are willing to hack a Facebook status ( means to post status by his/her Facebook account). That is actually not much difficult and here we are gonna expose the easy way to do - what you are willing for. Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how to hack a Facebook Status of someone(you want to target) on Facebook. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Make sure to send this link: (https://m.facebook.com/upload.php?email&_rdr), to the person you want to target.

Step 2: Ask the victim to give you an email address of his/her Facebook account (for example:someone@facebook.com).


Step 3: Make sure you have an Gmail account ( if not then just visit Gmail website and sign-up there to make new account).

Step 4: After sign-in to your Gmail account, just Click on the Compose button as shown below.


Step 5: 

Write email of the victim in the "To" box and write something as a status on "Subject" box and leave the message box empty. cats

 Step 6: After the above steps, simply press the "Send" button to complete the process.

Step 7: Now go on and check his/her Facebook wall/timeline, you will surely find a status you have written in the email.

Keep enjoying with this authentic hacking method. And keep visiting us for interesting hacking tips.

Rafay contacted facebook regarding this bug, and they said that it was an intentional feature and is an acceptable risk.

About The Author

This article has been written by Farhan Memon, He is the newest member of RHA crew. 


  1. Hi out here
    Tested it yesterday evening and it didn't work. What could happen?

  2. I think you are mistaken. The email address should not be someone@facebook.com in step 2. this will only send a message to the user. the address should be the one seen at the bottom of the page in step 1.Else there is no use to step 1.

  3. This trick has been copied from this site. http://goo.gl/MAKbv

    and if you copy content then atleast give regards..

  4. Yeah it works!
    But the receiver has to send the email upload address.
    So, this won't work on remote.
    Can fool only your friends and family.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @Vivek
    Feel free to launch a DMCA complaint if you think your content was copied, however, you are/were not the first one to blog about this trick nor i was.

  7. rafay can you tell me how you find DOM xss.........and if you use DOMinator then tell me that is it registered or not......waiting for your reply

  8. Hey rafay bhai yar ye to nai chal rha ab btao kuch kia karu ?

  9. simply not working anyway...

  10. Thank you for this tutorial. Good job

  11. yeah ryt..aimply not working!!


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