Common Attacks Against Modems

0x01: Introduction to Modems

The term DSL modem is technically used to describe "a modem which connects to a single computer, through a USB port or is installed in a computer PCI slot". The more common DSL router which combines the function of a DSL modem and a home router is a standalone device which could be connected to multiple computers through multiple Ethernet ports or an integral wireless access point. Also called as a "residential gateway", a DSL router usually manages the connection and sharing of the DSL service in a home or small office network.


A Tale Of Another SOP Bypass In Android Browser < 4.4

Since, my recent android SOP bypass [CVE-2014-6041] triggered a lot of eruption among the infosec community, I was motivated to research a bit more upon the android browser, it turns out that things are much worse than I thought, I managed to trigger quite a few interesting vulnerabilities inside of Android browser, one of them being another Same Origin Policy Bypass vulnerability. The thing that makes it worse was the same SOP bypass was already fixed inside of chrome years ago, however the patches were not applied to Android browser < 4.4.

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Indepth Code Execution in PHP: Part Two

This is a continued post from Code Execution in PHP; you can read the first post here, so if you haven't read that before please go ahead and read it first or else you would have problem understanding the second part.

“…It’s no secret that PHP is an easy language to which anyone with amateur coding skills could work with and as a rule with poor knowledge of basic security concepts, this factor alone often lead to new poorly written web-applications; Thus compromising their hosts and extraction of sensitive information. Recently, I was on a pentest for a project to which I was working on and went noticing unusual type of code execution. I decided to write about Code Execution Indepth because the developers need to focus on their poorly written web applications in PHP. This article will try covering code execution flaws in places which are less predictable and detail on snippets of code which might look secure while providing possibilities for ‘code injection’...”


Android Browser Same Origin Policy Bypass < 4.4 - CVE-2014-6041


Same Origin Policy (SOP) is one of the most important security mechanisms that are applied in modern browsers, the basic idea behind the SOP is the javaScript from one origin should not be able to access the properties of a website on another origin. The origin is formed by the combination of Scheme, domain and port with the port being an exception to IE. There are some exceptions with SOP such the location property, objects wtih src attribute. However, the fundamental are that different origins should not be able to access the properties of one another.

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Remote Code Execution in PHP Explained - Part 1

This is a two part article about code execution in PHP. It’s a very detailed article and contains references from other sources as well. I will discuss about some of the mistakes done by PHP developers which result in Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. It’s no secret that PHP is an easy to code language; however a lot of new PHP developers lack the knowledge of basic security principles which results in to new poorly written web-application often introducing critical vulnerabilities.

PHP Vulnerable Functions

Let’s take a look at the very common class of functions which when used insecurely result in a remote code execution. Any untrusted input passed through one of these functions without sanitization would result in an arbitrary code being executed. eval() , system(), exec(), shell_exec()


Android Browser + Messaging App DOS

While being impressed by Collin Mulliner's research on smart phones, I found myself very curious trying to find vulnerabilities inside it and i found several ones out. In this short blog post I would be discussing about DOS vulnerabilities inside the default browser and the messaging app of Qmobile Noir A20. Qmobile Noir A20 runs on Android 4.1.2. The flaw itself is present it inside pre kitkat browsers as well as the default messaging system, however since most of the Qmobile smartphones within the released with or slightly after Noir A20 are most likely using the same browser version and messaging app.

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