7 Qualities of Highly Effective Hackers

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When asked to write on this topic, I admit that it made me fringe just a bit. Because I don't consider myself to be a highly effective hacker. I find myself as a noob everywhere that I'm trying to learn new things, or I am frustrated with the most ridiculous "hacker" material on the web, written by school-taught programmers that follow step by step instructions out of a manual that everyone has already read. Then I thought to myself.. "That's it!" That is Number One!


Facebook Account Hacked! What To Do Now?

Every single day i get emails in my inbox and on my facebook page from users querying about how to recover hacked facebook account and a common problem i see in all of them is that they are proactive. Everyone searches for Facebook account recovery softwares, Facebook hacking softwares and recovery mechanisms after their facebook or any other email account has been hacked. In this article, Gary suggests methods to identify if your computer or email account has been hacked and methods suggesting what you can do after your facebook account has been hacked.

In today’s digital world, it is unfortunately not uncommon for an account or machine to become compromised by an attacker for nefarious purposes. During your searches for a step-by-step solution, your frustration may hit the breaking point, as you scroll through page after page, listing preventative measures that it may already be too late for. No problem. In today’s article I will outline simple strategies that should get you back in control of your online accounts and devices after a breach is suspected or confirmed. These instructions will be laid out in a manner that should be quite easy for an average user to comprehend and execute. But first, let’s take a minute to understand exactly how this probably happened in the first place.


Secure Application Development And Modern Defenses


When it comes to the internet, security has always been an after-thought. A great evidence to support the theory can be seen when we look at the history of the internet. The internet was created by US military back in 1969, branded as "Arpanet" at that time. In 1973, ARPANET created TCP IP protocol suite which later enabled the development of protocols such as "SMTP, POP3, FTP, TELNET " in 1980's and HTTP in 1991. 

All of these protocols could be easily eaves-dropped upon by an attacker as they do not encrypt the traffic. Their secure versions were released only later, such as FTPS, SMTPS, SSH, and HTTPS since at that time connecting people and building features was the priority.  If security would have been present by design, we would not have encountered these problems today. 


Paypal Mobile Verification And Payment Restrictions Bypass

In this post, i would like to share a very simple logic flaw I found earlier this year I have found a way to circumvent mobile verification by utilizing a different portal for logging into a paypal account. The flaw lies in the fact that paypal does not perform two step verification/authorization checks on all different portals that are used to log into a paypal account. Ideally, there should be a centralized authentication mechanism to authenticate the user or else additional authorization checks have to be applied to all different portals that are used to log into paypal ccount.

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How to Spy on Text Messages

It seems that in recent years most of society, especially the younger generations, have turned to texting as their preferred mode of conversation. The infinite ability to communicate with other people around the world effortlessly has become a growing concern for parents and employers alike who wish to 'keep an eye on', or monitor, their children or employees. In this post we will discuss the methods and implications of text message spying.

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Android Browser All Versions - Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability - CVE-2015-3830


Google security team themselves state that "We recognize that the address bar is the only reliable security indicator in modern browsers" and if the only reliable security indicator could be controlled by an attacker it could carry adverse affects, For instance potentially tricking users into supplying sensitive information to a malicious website due to the fact that it could easily lead the users to believe that they are visiting is legitimate website as the address bar points to the correct website.  


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