Rafay Baloch Interview Published in NBC

Yesterday I informed you that I was Interviewed by Vaidehi Sachin, today the Interview was Published in NBC magazine, below are the screen shots
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Vaidehi Sachin Interviews Rafay Baloch

Hi Readers I have just been Interviewed by a Popular Indian Editor Vaidehi Sachin. The Interview will be published in Beyond the News Magazine on 1st of September. Vaidehi Sachin is extremly talented and she wants to Interview all the Top Ethical Hackers in the world.

Easy Way To Get your account hacked

Recently I received an email from one of my blog readers he just figured out a method to Hack an Email account the reader was conforming me whether this method would work or not

www.music.aol.com Vulnerable to Xss Attack

Hey Freinds I have a shocking news for you guys the website www.music.aol.com is vulnerable To Xss Cross Site Scripting Attack. Xss Cross Site scripting Cross-site scripting or XSS is a threat to a website's security. It is the most common and popular hacking a websiteto gain access information from a user on a website. There are hackers with malicious objectives that utilize this to attack certain websites on the Internet. But mostly good hackers do this to find security holes for websites and help them find solutions.

Hack The Hacker with Bin Text

You Might have heard about some programs such as Hotmail Hacker of Gmail Hacker. What Hackers do is just to fool the victim by telling him that these softwares are Password Hacking Softwares and asks him to Enter his Email and enter all information including his Hotmail ID and Password and Gmail account you want to Hack Email and it will show his/her Hotmail account password but thats not the case instead the victim will end in loosing his account password. Here is what a Hotmail Hacker Looks like:

How to trace a Suspicious phone call

Trace a Phone Call
Cellphones are the most common and largest means of communication replacing Landlines in the past years.
Unfortunately it has became a source of cheating, Black mailing and various crimes
In this article I will tell you a service which is used to trace a Cellphone number. The process involved in finding someones personal data such as Name, Age, Address etc is called Reverse Cell Phone lookup

Top 3 Methods to Hack Facebook Passwords

 How to hack Facebook
In this post I will tell you the Top 3 Methods Which hackers use to Hack Facebook passwords and some counter measures also to help you protect your Facebook account from Hackers. In my previous posts I have mentioned lots of techniques to Hack a Facebook Password but In this article I will highlight the most effective ones.e
A lot of people contact me about suspecting their boyfriend/girlfriend of cheating, but they are on Facebook and ask why I haven’t written a guide for hacking Facebook passwords

Windows 7 Serial Number product key

Windows 7 product key

Windows 7 is the latest version of operating system by microsoft the passed time has increased its visibility andand importance.Unlike its predecessor, Windows Vista, which introduced a large number of new features, Windows 7 was intended to be a more focused. I was asked by alot of my blog readers to post a working windows 7 serial key and keygen
So below I have gathered some videos from youtube which will help you to activate windows 7

Sniperspy 25% Discount coupon

Remote password hacking software
Alot of readers requested for the sniperspy discount coupon so I searched for it and finally succeded in getting a working coupon for Sniperspy.

For those who dont know what Sniperspy is read the following posts

Check Effectiveness of your Antivirus

Have you ever wondered that is your Antivirus working properly? Do you want to ensure that your antivirus works properly? So don't worry we have got a perfect working solution which will make you to Check Effectiveness of your Antivirus.The test for this purpose is called EICAR Test. This test is used by many antivirus developers to find whether there antivirus is working properly or not.Here is a step-by-step procedure to test your antivirus:

A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking launched

Ethical Hacking Book 

How will the information in the book affect me?

  • You will learn All Ethical hacking techniques and also you will learn to apply them in real world situation
  • You will start to think like hackers
  • Secure your computer from trojans,worms, Adwares etc
  • Amaze your friends with your newly learned tricks
  • You will be able to protect your self from future hack attacks

And Much more...

Reality about Password Hacking softwares

You might have heard about some paid password hacking softwares which claim to hack a password on entering the email account.But in reality all those softwares are fake.If you believe what they say then you are just wasting your time and money.These all softwares are fake.If there exists such a software, will there be any security on web. And all expert engineers at Google, Yahoo and other services are not mad. They are all engaged in ensuring security of their customers ie email account owners. So, no such software exists.
So stop wasting your time and money on these foolish softwares and services and learn real Ethical Hacking methods which hackers use to access email accounts.

For Download Link visit the following site
Ethical Hacking Book

Keylogger for Mac OS - Complete Installation and configuration Guide

Keylogger for Mac OS

Previously I wrote a review on Abobo keylogger for Mac OS. How ever some of my blogs readers were not sure about the installation so I am posting a video which explains the Installation and configuration of ABOBO Keylogger for Mac Os. Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac OS X is the best Mac keylogger on the market with remote monitoring support. It supports stealth keystroke recording, screenshots capturing and sending the logs by email or FTP in a real time

Protect your Computer from ARP poisoning

One of my blog's reader asked a question:

How can I protect my computer from an ARP Poisoning Attack?

For those of you who do not know what an ARP Poisoning Attack is I suggest you reading my article on How to Implement an ARP Poisoning Attack?.
So I tested different software to see which one works the best to protect your computer from an ARP Poisoning attack I came across some excellent softwares but they were not free, so I thought not to share it and searched for a Free Alternative finally I came across a Free Firewall Which helps you successfully block ARP Poisoning attacks, but you have this Feature because it is disabled by default.

Thank You to my 10,000 RSS Subscribers

Today when I logged into my feedburner account I saw that I have reached an awesome Milestone, We have 10000+ Rss subscribers now.
So I would like extend a great thankyou to my readers, sorry for not writing for a while I was busy in writing a book on Ethical Hacking which I am going launch very soon Inshallah!.
Moreover I am also looking to arrange a contest in the near future, for those who bookmark my posts why not join the 10000+ other Rss subscribers and receive the regular updates of Ethical Hacking and security.

Remote Password spying software for MAC

Remote password Hacking softwareAobo Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac:
Abobo Mac OS x is The only keylogger of mac os X which can Record Passwords
Aobo Mac OS X 
Keylogger for Mac OS X is the best Mac keylogger on the market with remote monitoring support. It supports stealth keystroke recording, screenshots capturing and sending the logs by email or FTP in a real time. 

Rafay Baloch is an Independent security researcher, Internet marketer, Entrepreneur and a SEO consultant, He is the founder of RHA blog and multiple other blogs. Rafay got famous after finding a Remote Code Execution bug inside PayPal for which PayPal awarded him a sum of 10,000$ Read More..

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