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Hi readers I am very please to announce you that I have just launched my new blog, This is the first time that I am blogging on a self hosted wordpress blog, Currently I am working on improving its design and optimizing it for search engines,I am using an Arthemia Premium theme by color labs project on this blog which is highly professional and seo optimized theme,  In this blog I will write on following categories and topics!

Hack a website using Directory Transversal attack?

What is root directory of web server ?

It is a specific directory on server in which the web contents are placed and can be seen by website visitors. The directories other that root may contain any sensitive data which administrator do not want visitors to see. Everything accessible by visitor on a website is  placed in root directory. The visitor can not step out of root directory.

Metasploit Explained for Beginners!

Metaspoit Framework is a open source penetration tool used for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine it, Metasploit frame work has the world's largest database of public, tested exploits. In simple words, Metasploit can be used to test the vulnerability of computer systems in order to protect them and on the other hand it can  alsobe used to break into remote systems.

Its a powerful tool used for penetration testing. Learning to work with metasploit needs a lot of efforts and time. Ofcourse to can learn metasploit overnight, it needs lots of practice and patience

How To Spy and Hack a webcam

Gone are those days when webcam Hacking was a sophisticated art now a days any one with very basic knowledge of computers can start to Hack your webcam, from last couple of months I was getting asked by readers "How To spy a webcam?" or "How to Hack a webcam?", So I decided to write a post on this topic and tell you how Hackers manage to spy a webcam

Most of the hackers use some spying softwares like RAT's, which are used to gain physical access to victims computer, Once a RAT(Remote Administration Tool) is installed in to victims computer you can easily do almost any thing with his/her computer and also spy on his/her webcam, but at the same time RAT's have some disadvantages as well

How to use sniperspy to hack passwords

Remote password hacking softwarePreviously I wrote an article on Remote spying software sniperspy, I  really received a positive response from readers but some of them failed to understand and i was asked following questions constantly:

1.How can i use Sniperspy for email hacking?

2.Is my order 100% safe?

3.If i dont Have phisical acess to victims computer can i still install sniperspy?

4.Will the victim know about it if i install sniperspy?

5.Which is best Sniperspy or Winspy?

6.What do i do if Antivirus catch me ?

7.Can i be traced Back if i install it on someones computer?

Sniperspy FAQ

How can i Use Sniperspy for email hacking?

Its very easy to use sniperspy,a person with basic knowledge of computer can use and operate sniperspy:

1.First you need to purchase sniperspy.

2.After the order is complete, you will be instantly emailed a receipt with your Username/Password and a link to download the Module Creator program. You will download this program to your local computer in order to create the module to send to your remote computer.

3. Run the module creator program and enter your Username/Password into the fields. Then follow the screens to adjust the settings to your needs. Once the module wizard is finished, your module EXE file will be created in the location and name you selected. Some people choose unique names for the module such as funpics.exe or Anything.exe.

4.Once you have got sniperspy installed into victims Computer,you will receive logs,screenshots etc over periods,You can login into your sniperspy account to see the screen shots,logs and email passwords

Is my Order 100% safe?

Yes.All orders of Sniperspy are handled by plimus which is a very well known and popular company.The privacy and protection of your online order is 100% can give order with worrying about scams

Will the victim know about it if i install sniperspy?

No.Its almost impossible to know about it,because once sniperspy is installed into victims computer it runs in a total stealth mode,it hides it self from Startup,taskmanager add/remove program and Program files.

What do i do if Antivirus catch me ?

If you are afraid that antivirus might catch you than read my post on How to bypass antivirus detection of keylogger

Can i be traced Back if i install it on someones computer?

No.Its almost impossible to be traced back if you install sniperspy on someones computer

If i dont Have phisical acess to victims computer can i still install sniperspy?

Yes.You do not need physical access into victims computer to install a sniperspy or winspy you just need to make victim install a small remote file after which you will be recieve password,screenshots,logs etc over periods

Which is Best sniperspy or winspy?

I recommend Sniperspy for the following reasons:

1.Sniperspy is Fully compatible with windows vista,but winspy has known compatible issues with Windows vista

2.It has low antivirus detection rate

3.It can bypass firewall

4.Sniperspy is recognized by CNN,BBC,CBS and other popular news network,Hence it is reputed and trustworthy

Sniperspy is completely reliable and user-friendly,It is worth price that you pay for it,you cannot get a better keylogger than this,So what are you waiting for?Go grab the Sniperspy now

Click Here to Order SniperSpy Now!

Note:Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.

How to hide sensitive data - Steganography

How to hide data

There are many ways we hide our data in computer some people use encryption tools like Truecrypt, some hide there files in folders , some use folder lock etc.”Steganography “ ,I cannot say it as a new concept but it different from others(mentioned above)and has a wide range of application. Here I will discuss few basics aspects of this technique with few freeware tools for Windows OS available online

What is Steganography?

It is the art of hiding data or message in another file invisible to a targeted mass of people. Mostly people have a wrong concept that steganography is related to images only i.e. hiding messages in images only but actually that is not the case it can be done in other file formats also .We can also hide .RAR file in .DOCX formats etc.

Cracking FTP Passwords Using Dictionary Attacks

What is a Dictionary Attack ?

In layman language, Dictionary attack means using a tool that picks passwords from a wordlist and tries them one by one until one works

How to make a wordlist ?

A wordlist can consist of all possible combinations of letter,numbers,special characters. It can have some common or default passwords. You can download the wordlist generators or google the wordlists for bruteforcing and configure them according to yourself.

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Rafay Hacking Articles Re Designed

Hi Readers I am Very Happy to announce you that finally after huge request of readers and with the grace of Almighty Allah I have successfully changed my blog Theme,The theme is designed by one of the finest designers of karachi Pakistan Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai he has named this theme as "Cracker"
The previous design of this blog was very unprofessional as suggested by many of designers and looked something like this:

How to trace a sender's information in Gmail?

Now a days email spoofing has been a very common act, there are tons of softwares which can be used for email spoofing. Alot of scammers use mail bombing along with email spoofing, As you know that this blog is for beginners so i will first explain what is mail bombing? and what is email spoofing? and then will explain you How to trace a sender in Gmail!

How to hack yahoo messenger password

Hack yahoo messenger

Everyday I get a lot of emails from people asking How to hack a Yahoo password? So if you’re curious to know how to hack a yahoo password then this is the post for you. In this post I will give you the real and working ways to hack Yahoo password.
There are number of sites on the web that provide information to hack a Yahoo password. So what’s special about this site? The only special about this site is that we do not bluff and mislead the readers. We actually teach you the real and working ways to hack a Yahoo password rather than telling some nonsense tricks to crack or hack some one’s yahoo password.

What is Social Enginering in the field of Hacking?

Social engineering is defined as the process of obtaining others passwords or personal information by the act of manipulating people rather than by breaking in or using technical cracking techniques. Here I will show you an example on how social engineering works
Rafay Baloch is an Independent security researcher, Internet marketer, Entrepreneur and a SEO consultant, He is the founder of RHA blog and multiple other blogs. Rafay got famous after finding a Remote Code Execution bug inside PayPal for which PayPal awarded him a sum of 10,000$ Read More..

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