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A few weeks back I told you about my book on Ethical Hacking which was launched on 15th of august. I have had lots of sales and also have received the feedback from the readers and webmasters which have read it, so I though you to share the testimonials with you.

A major flaw in Mcafee URL shortner

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Mcafee claims its products to be top and most popular security product, Today I heard about Mcafee url shorting service, As I visited the Mcafee Url shortning website, I found that they claimed that their url shortner is safe and secure.

How to catch a cheating spouse? - Catch a Cheater

Are you curious to know if your wife or your husband is cheating on you, Some studies reveal that:

  • Only 46% of men believe that online affairs are adultery. (DivorceMag)
  • Up to 37% of men and 22% of women admit to having affairs. Researchers think the vast majority of the millions of people who visit chat rooms, have multiple "special friends". (Dr. Bob Lanier, askbob.com)
  •  One-third of divorce litigation is caused by online affairs. (The Fortino Group)
  •  Approximately 70% of time on-line is spent in chatrooms or sending e-mail; of these interactions, the vast majority are romantic in nature. (Dr. Michael Adamse, PhD., co-author of "Affairs of the Net: The Cybershrinks' Guide to Online Relationships")

How to create Batch file viruses?

What are Batch Files ?

According to wikipedia a batch file is a text file containing a series of commands intended to be executed by the command interprete, In this article I will be telling you the basics of batch files clear and developing the approach towards coding your own viruses. Lets begin with a simple example ,

What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

You might have heard some times that not to give your password or credit card information or any other sensitive information on public computers or on Msn, yahoo etc chats.The reason why you might have heard that the Hackers have some ways to you would have probably heard that hackers have a way to steal your your credit card numbers , passwords etc.
A hacker can use different types of attacks such as Packet sniffing or ARP Poisoning to steal your sensitive information

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the most widely used technology for creating a secure communication between the web client and the web server. You must be familiar with http:// protocol and https:// protocol, You might be wondering what they mean. HTTP protocol is used for standard communication between the Web server and the client. HTTPS is used for a secure communication.

How to play Counter Strike 1.6 online for free

Counter strike is the #1 online action game in the world, and CS 1.6 its most popular version, I was mad at counter strike few years back , but for now it has been more than one year since I haven't played it for last 1 year as I have no time for it.

Counter strike 1.6 can be played online for free, the only requirement is that you should have a fast Internet connection or else you will not enjoy playing it will hang every few seconds, There are tons of methods to play Counter strike 1.6 online for free but I am writing a method which is very easy to implement and also very user friendly

How To Create Strong Passwords?

As you know that passwords are the only form of security available now a days, Its really important for one to create a strong passwords,
Keeping a weak passwords can make you vulnerable to attacks such as Brute force, Dictionary attacks, Rainbow Tables etc.
So in this article I will tell you to create a strong password so you can secure your account from getting hacked

Facebook Chat Smileys

Facebook is the most widely used Social Networking website in the world having the most advanced features, but instead of having so many features most people are not able to use it or they don’t know to use ,There are lots of smileys in Facebook chat but lots of people dont know about it, You can you smileys in Facebook chat and increase your Chatting experience,
below I am placing a chart which will contain smileys in Facebook chat along with their code

Mac Security Software - Secure Mac OS

The area of Mac security software is fairly broad to Mac users. The primary aspects of security software for the Mac are antivirus programs, patches and updates for the Mac OS X, and updates from commonly used applications such as web browser Safari, Adobe Shockwave, and Google Chrome.

In general, Mac users should be kept up-to-date on security fixes for all of the listed primary items above. Applying fixes will be automatic in the case of a program like Google Chrome while the Adobe Shockwave product will inform you of updates so long as you are connected to the Internet.

How to detect Anonymous IP Address?

Proxies are easiest ways to hide your Identity, However Proxy's are mostly used by fraudsters, scammers and hackers to hide their Identity while committing cyber crimes and therefore in this article I will tell you how to detect those Anonymous IP address

Following are some of the examples where fraudsters use the proxies to hide their actual IP.

How to use smileys in Facebook chat?

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world with an alexa rank of just #2, Recently I have been receiving many emails and I am constantly asked about smileys in Facebook chat, There are lots of smileys in Facebook chat but lots of people dont know about it, You can you smileys in Facebook chat and increase your Chatting experience, Below I am placing 2 charts which will contain smileys in Facebook chat along with their code

How to increase your internet speed

Increase internet speed

The following post is on will tell you some methods to increase your internet speed,I will show you some ways to increase your net and browser speed

Go to Start>>Run and then type in “gpedit.msc” without the quotes (“)

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> QoS Packet Scheduler.
after that, you should see something like “Limit Reservable Bandwidth”. Modify that and set it to “Disabled”, or you can put it to “Enabled” and change the value to 0.

Now this will increase your internet speed by 20%

How to protect your computer from keyloggers?

Keyloggers have been a major problem today as once they get installed in your computer the hacker can get almost any information, I have written couple of posts on keylogging and reviewed some of the best keyloggers available now a days
The program which are specially used to detect and protect your computers from keyloggers are Antiloggers, I have tested lots of Antiloggers and found Zemana Antilogger only which is capable of detecting almost every keylogger.

How to trace an email

In my previous post I wrote on How to trace a sender in gmail, however the method was a bit complicated and lots of users were not able to understand, In this article I will tell you to use a great peice of software Email Tracker pro to trace an email, Email tracker pro can trace and track email back to the senders location. Stop SPAM email and phishing email with email tracker pro. The latest version of Email tracker pro is V9, however the program is not free and you will not find many working serials on the web, So I use Email tracker pro v8 for demonstration as I am already placing its crack below:

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